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The ‘Redvelation’ of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Sarah with Sera Beak

Discover lost parts of your soul & essential spiritual nutrients — within the radical retelling of the story of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Sarah.

Have you ever felt that something was missing in the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene — leading you to question and distrust the Christian tradition in some visceral, indeterminate way?

What if the real story is far different than what we’ve inherited... and it actually reveals something of deep metaphysical importance that reframes the very nature of our existence?

In fact, what if the inherited story has disconnected us from essential spiritual nutrients, including the feminine, our bodies, sexuality, our sovereignty, and the holy balance that creates new life?

That is the bold, tradition-transforming thesis of Sera Beak, Harvard-trained author who has, in the course of nearly a decade of profound spiritual experience, retrieved a set of memories and “redvelations” that not only have the potential to overturn centuries of religious doctrine but, even more importantly, open new portals to our very own Soul.

They are memories of Sarah, the daughter of history’s most influential spiritual teachers — Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Rather than tell you whether you should believe Sera, we invite you to listen to her story and tune in with your very cells to see whether she is, in fact, revealing something vital. Liberating. And healing.

In her vulnerable, provocative, and intimate way, Sera is sharing a love story... with ourselves... and ultimately all of Life.

It’s a rewriting of history AND an intimate journey of discovering your own soul in all its complexity.

In this eye-opening, heart-blazing, and paradigm-shattering hour, a woman with a tender voice and a thundering soul-force will reveal what you long suspected: there is more to the story of Christianity than we’ve learned.

Daring to open to the possibility can change... everything... particularly in regards to your spiritual life, your soul’s truth, and your relationship with the sacred feminine and divine masculine.

Sera teaches that when we reclaim and embody our Soul, which includes our humanity AND our divinity, our messiness and our magnificence, our interdependence and our sovereignty, we reclaim our rightful and beloved place within the original Trinity of True Love.

This reclamation shifts the very foundation of our psyche, revitalizes the cells in our body, and nourishes the soil of this earth.

It gives us permission to incarnate FULLY, knowing that there is no part of us that is less than holy.

Jesus, Magdalene, and Sarah’s story personifies the original, universal Trinity of True Love that is actually the template for all of existence, where two become one become three in the exquisite choreography of creation.

When you remember this original Trinity of True Love and rejoin it, you come Home.

You remember who you are, where you came from, and why you are here. You incarnate True Love into your personal life and onto this aching planet.

A Free Video Event
With Author, Speaker & Soul Friend 
Sera Beak
Wednesday, September 19, 2018
5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern


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