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Beyond Your Energy Body with Desda Zuckerman

Radically expand your understanding of a ‘Higher Self’, the energy body, and energy healing...
Explore the development (and purpose) of your soul inside your vast, subtle anatomy — to express your true brilliance, wisdom, and vitality.

Are you intrigued by your ability to take your healing into your own hands — through Qigong, Reiki, tapping, or your chakras?

Or maybe you’re just discovering that “everything is energy” and you can learn how to use your energy to heal, manifest, and align with your Higher Self and the Divine...

If so, we have an invitation for you....

And this is not your mother’s chakra workshop... or your average journey of discovering your “Higher Self”...

Set aside everything you know about your physical body, energy body, meridians, the chakras, auras, your soul, and more... and step into the vast, beautiful, and light-filled structure of your subtle energy body.

Welcome to a truly cutting-edge initiation into your “Sacred Anatomy.”

Your physical anatomy, chakras, and meridians — and even what you envision as your Higher Self — are just slivers of your total being and energy body, according to Desda Zuckerman...

Your Sacred Anatomy encompasses everything you’ve learned so far about the energy body and energy healing — and exponentially expands who you are 20 feet beyond your physical body.

This is unlike any Higher Self exploration or healing journey you’ve ever taken!

It’s a new (yet ancient) gateway to what you truly are... a brilliant, purposeful soul with access to incredible love, clarity, and guidance WITHIN your vast energy body.

This support has been with you since your own personal “Big Bang,” when matter and non-matter joined to create the spark of light that formed your soul and your entire energy structure, designed to “house” your physical bodies over incarnations.

According to Desda, who has spent the last 45 years mapping the Human Energy Structure, each soul has four aspects — a “Board of Directors,” if you will — that we can align with for healing, growth, wisdom, and vitality.

What you may understand as your aura or the electromagnetic field is only temporary, and dies with the physical body. However, your larger energy structure remains, as do the four aspects of your soul that can guide your life today.

By awakening your connection to your subtle anatomy and these four aspects, you can release their power and messages — and conquer your demons, overcome your fears, and rewrite your life story.

As Desda explains, just the act of initiating a relationship with your own Sacred Anatomy and these four aspects expands your consciousness.

A Free Video Event
With Healer, Speaker, Writer & Teacher 
Desda Zuckerman
Saturday, September 22, 2018    
10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

Location On-Line Event