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Getting Your Wounds Out of Your Way with Tim Kelley & Beth Scanzani

Discover the keys for transforming your wound-based patterns and beliefs.

Reclaim the gifts that were perfectly designed for you to step into your higher purpose, genuine self-expression, and greatest joy.

Break free of the mental and emotional paradigms that hold you back, without spending years (and thousands of dollars) on therapy.

As someone who has done a lot of work on yourself, you are well aware that difficult life experiences can cause deep wounds to your psyche that can be hard to release.

Whether these came from significant childhood traumas like verbal or mental abuse, or from less extreme experiences like a fear of abandonment or shame or a sense that you don’t matter or don’t belong, the impact of these wounds continues to shape your experience of yourself, others, and the world.

Most of us, when wounded, make significant unconscious commitments that determine how we will navigate life to avoid a similar feeling or experience. Such choices — for example, about what you need to do (or not do) to receive love, how you interact with others, and the measures you take to assure your safety — create deep mental and emotional patterns that drive your thoughts, feelings, and actions to this day.

These patterns can have many negative consequences for your life, such as inhibiting your self-expression and freedom, damaging your ability to enjoy healthy and loving relationships, or blocking your ability to move forward on exciting and purposeful opportunities.

If you’re like most of us, you’re aware of at least some of your wounds, their resulting patterns, and the negative impacts they’ve had and continue to have on your life — and you’ve been consciously working to move beyond them. But...

You may not be seeing much change — and over time, your confidence may be diminishing that you can ever actually transform your patterns and experience the life you yearn for.

Perhaps you’ve tried therapy and other methods to help bring awareness to your wounds and initiate some catharsis around them, but these techniques haven’t fundamentally transformed your experience of the wound or its impact on you and others.

Yet, when all’s said and done, your wounds are still driving your bus (and they don’t always drive very well or take you where you want to go, do they?).

Ask yourself: Do you still fall into the same painful or damaging behavior patterns when you’re stressed or overwhelmed? Do you get hijacked by fears and feelings that feel totally out of proportion for what’s happening in the moment? Do you find yourself unable to pursue your highest goals because of resistance and fears?

These are signs that your wounds are being triggered and are still running the show.

Until you are able to transform your relationship with your wounds, you are destined to live at the mercy of these limiting patterns.

Tim Kelley and Beth Scanzani have helped thousands of people evolve beyond this substandard way of living and substantially increase their experience of freedom, purpose, and true joy in their lives and livelihood.

In this free, transformative event, master teachers Tim and Beth will show you how you can completely transform your relationship with your wounds and shift from wound-driven patterns to purpose-driven motivation. From this place, your ability to express yourself with ease and joy — and take purposeful action in alignment with the deeper callings of your heart and soul — is measurably amplified.

A Free Video Event
With Respected Change Agents 
Tim Kelley & Beth Scanzani
Saturday, October 13, 2018
10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

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