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9th Annual Global Oneness Day Online Summit

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone could live from an ecstatic place of Oneness throughout each and every day of their lives, feeling that connection, and caring about the wellbeing of everyone else, never deliberately doing anything that could hurt another person.

That’s the kind of world the Global Oneness Day Summit is dedicated to creating, and I’m hoping you’ll want to be a part of it and will join me for the powerful FREE seminars and panels that will be happening throughout the day.

Here are just a few of the luminaries who will be sharing their wisdom and insight during the event:

Marianne Williamson             Gregg Braden      Barbara Marx Hubbard       

Marianne Williamson       Dr. Jean Houston              Gregg Braden                   Barbara Marx Hubbard     Neale Donald Walsch


Thomas Hubl, Bruce Lipton, Steve McIntosh, David Cooperrider, Gangaji, Joan Borysenko, Terry Patten, Steve Bhaerman, Mary Morrissey, Debra Poneman, Marci Shimoff, Patricia Cota-Robles, Matthew Fox, Lynne Twist, Diane Arkenstone, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Neil Hawkes, Craig Hamilton, Barnet Bain, Miriam Mason Martineau, Andrew Newman, Anna-Mari Pieterse, David Hofstatter, Lance Secretan, Deborah Rozman, Ross Hostetter, Sara Daves, Jonathan Goldman, Howard Martin, Sister Jenna, Diane Williams, Jeff Van Der Clute, Ray Ippolito, Pam Grout, Adam Apollo, Lainie Sevante Wulkan, and Nancy Roof.

9th Annual Global Oneness Day Online Summit
Living Your Life for the Benefit of All.
Wednesday, October 24th
( All Day Event)


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