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Opening to the Power of Awe with Andrew Harvey

Reclaim the magic, beauty, and mystery at the heart of wonder...

Discover openness, flexibility, and resiliency in the face of adversity through the healing medicine of awe.

Receive daily spiritual practices from one of the world’s most celebrated living mystics — and begin co-creating with the Beloved.

Do you find yourself caught in addictive thinking... and preoccupied with finding answers?

Is your mind telling you to lean in and think harder... while your heart is whispering, slow down... and just let go.

Conflicting inner voices can cause confusion... and the spiritual path forward can become blurred...

Yet, what if the key was to meet personal and collective challenges like a child... with curiosity, enthusiasm, inquisitiveness... and WONDER.

In the presence of awe, the mind lets go... and OPENS.

This is your moment to discover the transformative power of awe — not as an idea or a wish, but as a spiritual practice...

Many of us have grown up in a culture that’s threatened by a direct experience of awe. Scientific fundamentalism sees a world stripped of enchantment and meaning. Religious systems require obedience to doctrine. Social and family systems are often rooted in fear.

Rarely have we been invited into the full splendor of the Divine. Awe offers us a powerful expansion of identity... a release from limited ideas of ourselves and the world... an opportunity to stand mesmerized by the beauty of creation.

Awe is actually the key to softening the frozen parts of our being and dissolving limitations on our spiritual path. Awe gives us immediate access to enlightened consciousness and profound humility.

The Spiritual Medicine of Awe

That’s why, according to mystic teacher Andrew Harvey, awe offers such important spiritual medicine. It expands your vision while keeping you humble. It broadens your awareness of what’s possible while also reminding us of just how much we don’t know.

Awe gives you access to the Divine Child and the vastness of the void at the same time, simply because you are open to EVERYTHING.

Walking the path of awe entails a true surrender into ecstasy. Some of history’s greatest mystic poets, like Rumi and Kabir, have given us glimpses of the power of awe in their writings — and have pointed to wonder as the portal into a deep relationship with the Divine.

In this special online event, Andrew, one of the most insightful and inspiring mystics of our day, will illuminate not only the power of awe but the PRACTICE of awe as essential medicine for your spiritual path.

A Free Virtual Event
With Renowned Mystic Teacher
Andrew Harvey
Wednesday, November 14, 2018
5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern

Location On-Line Event