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Finding Center in an Off-Center World with Suzanne Scurlock

Discover how to harness your “body wisdom” to navigate stress, recenter yourself, and respond in healthy ways... especially to challenging people and situations.

Transform feelings of overwhelm and begin to heal trauma and pain — through proven techniques that activate your body’s 6 wisdom centers.

Do you rely on your gut instinct? Or trust the guidance of your heart?

Or seek wisdom from your bones? (An idea most people find bizarre until they discover how to activate it!)

Your body is extremely wise... with six unique (and often underutilized) wisdom centers.

This innate wisdom can guide you to take right action when you’re confused... settle you in times of overwhelm... and help you get clear and centered (and stay there!) even in the craziest of situations.

If you’ve experienced trauma or you’re struggling with a health challenge, you might go through your days feeling slightly (or significantly) out of touch with your body — cutting you off from the wisdom of your innate guidance system.

You can actually override this habit... by turning to your body wisdom.

Yes, your body is actually your most reliable resource for healing and for keeping you safe, calm, and centered.

Your body doesn’t lie. The sensations you feel are spontaneous. They don’t stop to rationalize, judge, or censor — that’s your mind taking over, attempting to deal with stress, keep you safe, push away pain, or otherwise cope. And that is not sustainable, especially in the challenging times we live in.

So how can you harness your body’s wisdom so you can regroup, recenter... and respond in new ways to old and new stress?

Your body’s wisdom is located in six different areas of your body: your heart, gut, bones, pelvis, legs and feet, and integrated brain, according to Suzanne Scurlock, a bestselling author and leading authority on conscious awareness and the body.

Whether you’re in an election season, the holiday season, or a season of change... there’s a greater potential for discord at the dinner table this time of year. Differing political views among your loved ones, friends and in the collective, can stress your body, mind, emotions, and relationships.

This event will help you better navigate (and heal) in what appears to be a VERY off-center world.

A Free Video Event
With Leading Conscious Awareness Instructor 
Suzanne Scurlock, CMT, CST-D
Now though December 13, 2018


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