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Discover The Power of Puma Medicine with don Oscar Miro-Quesada

Awaken Your Higher Mind and Develop Your Inner Vision — Through Shamanic Techniques, Ritual & Animal Spirit Medicine

With Peruvian Healer don Oscar Miro-Quesada

Embody the Presence, Clarity & Courage to Hunt Down Your Old Stories, Awaken Your Dreams, and ‘Shapeshift’ Your Future...

Are you connected to the ancient healing wisdom within you?

This inner wisdom is your birthright, woven into every fiber of your being...

Your upbringing, culture, or limited beliefs may have cut you off from this universal intelligence... until now.

According to ancient shamanic philosophy, Puma Medicine can activate your Higher Mind, enabling you to transform difficult situations and relationships, and open to new possibilities for your life.

A potent animal totem in Andean shamanic traditions, Puma can be your ally in healing old stories and meeting new challenges. Puma Medicine reconnects you with the sacred energy that is the foundation for all of life, empowering you to awaken your dreams and “shapeshift” your future...

Puma embodies the presence, clarity, and courage you need to skillfully navigate seen and unseen forces...

You can learn to access Puma Medicine at any time to heal your body, balance your mind, and ignite your soul’s vision — so you can become a healing force for the world.   

Shamanic journeying, rituals, and prayer can unite you with Puma and other animal allies to nurture this deeper wisdom and reconnect you with the sacred web of life...

And then something wondrous happens...

You become a master of the present moment, living from your FULL heart and vision.

Saturday, December 8, 2018   11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern

Location On-Line Event