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August 23 -26 | Phoenix, AZ

The energy is expansive. The joy is contagious. The excitement is exhilarating. And the potential is limitless.

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Courting the Dream with Toko-pa Turner

Discover how to approach your dreams as a courtship... and restore belonging to the split-off parts of yourself.

Learn how to listen to your body more deeply to receive the medicine of your dreams — and experience greater freedom and personal power in your daily life.

At any given moment, we’re either turning away from or coming home to our soul’s purpose...

You may have noticed that when you stray too far from who you’re meant to be, you feel lonely, disoriented, anxious, or depressed... or disconnected from yourself and others.

These are normal responses to a culture that places more emphasis on outer success than on cultivating the inner life...

Yet, through your dreaming life, you can bridge the gap between your authentic Self and who you’ve had to become to survive — and return home.

Courting your dreams is the art of approaching mysterygently and respectfully — listening to what’s being communicated through your body, and allowing yourself to be led by its wisdom.

This powerful approach to dreamwork is also how you can “cultivate the skills required for belonging,” according to author, teacher, and dreamworker Toko-pa Turner.

Tending to the relationship with your dreams rekindles your conversation with that holy wellspring of wisdom and beauty within you. It reconnects you with your deepest knowing — to reveal and mend the fractures in your soul, and welcome home the parts of you that had retreated in disappointment, invalidation, and fear.

Dreamwork helps to restore the wounded instincts, which are the seat of your creativity... and brings you back into your native relationship with magic.

In this revelatory virtual event with Toko-pa, you’ll discover a unique approach to dreamwork that invites you to dance with the mysterious others within you... to restore belonging to the lost, forgotten or rejected parts of yourself... and to experience true belonging with others.

A Free Video Event
With Author, Teacher, and Dreamworker
Toko-pa Turner

Now Through January 3rd, 2019


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Aug 23-26 | Phoenix, AZ
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