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Finding Your Authentic Writing Voice with Mark Matousek

Tap into your most original self and, in turn, unleash radical truth telling that will positively impact others.

Overcome barriers hiding within, allowing you to move past resistance and be truly creative.

Have you ever lost yourself in a book, memoir, or creative writing piece... because you were so deeply touched?

The author spoke to your soul on a level that inspired or even transformed your view of the world...

With all the experiences that life has brought your way, your own story can bring this type of powerful sustenance to others.

When you sit down to unravel your thoughts and commit them to paper, though, you often find yourself pausing... meeting blocks and resistance within your own mind.

You want to write in the voice that is holistically yours...

Somehow though, the ability to find your true, authentic voice and bring a written work into fruition feels distant. The vision is blurry, as if there are looming clouds in between you and your story.

The clouds of uncertainty simply need to be swept away.

Uniquely focused writing practices will reveal your most authentic self and share your much-needed, original story with the world.

Because it is not simply about writing for writing’s sake.

You may be longing to manifest your vision... to leave behind a legacy.

The next phase is to discover the full wisdom hiding away inside of you, ready to be unlocked, tapped into and brought into existence.

We each have a unique story to share that will help us meet our new, desired future and empower others.

When we think back across the history of our lives, we find a common truth. The “good times” do not tend to push us as much as the trying times...

You wouldn’t be here, open to the idea of sharing your story and bringing your vision into form, if you had not braved past challenges and become a person of depth, insight, and tenacity.

So how do you discover your true voice?

A Free Video Event
With Bestselling Author & Teacher
Mark Matousek
Broadcasting December 11th to 20th, 2018
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Recordings available though January 9th 2019



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