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How to Create a Unique “What Do You Do” Statement That Gets You Clients with Sharla Jacobs

A Free Webinar Event With Sharla Jacobs

  Co-Founder of Thrive Academy The #1 Source for Turning Coaches and Holistic Practitioners Into 6-Figure Transformational Leaders

How to avoid the #1 mistake that coaches and holistic practitioners make when sharing what they do.

Receive insights and guidance from a renowned expert of “heart-based selling.”

Do you have great transformational skills, yet far too many holes in your practice schedule?

Is the “elevator” version of your work authentic and enticing... enough to grab the attention of potential clients immediately and have them say, “I need to work with you!”?

People’s attention spans are short these days (and getting shorter). The reality is that most of us tune out or quickly file away the thousands of messages we encounter daily.

So how can you make YOUR “What do you do?” statement so compelling that people immediately take notice, ask more questions, and even book an appointment on the spot?   

Holistic practitioners, coaches, and healers who invest years into honing their craft are often flummoxed by this question...

Many coaches, healers, and holistic practitioners fall short in building their businesses because they lack an irresistible response to the question, “So, what do you do?”

Without this simple, powerful statement, you’re losing business every time you answer this question.

Your “What do you do?” statement is the most foundational piece of your business because all your other marketing depends on it.

That's why it’s so important that you consciously create this part of your message — so you feel aligned and your ideal clients say YES and want to refer their friends.

According to Sharla Jacobs, co-founder of Thrive Academy, building a successful practice or a business as a transformational leader begins with identifying your code of credibility.  

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