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The Keys to Finally, Truly Loving Yourself with Margaret Paul

A Free Video Event With 
Margaret Paul
With Renowned Psychologist, Bestselling Author, and Co-Creator of Inner Bonding

Discover How to Develop a Deep and Compassionate Love for Yourself — Healing Your Core Shame and Feelings of Unworthiness Through Inner Bonding

Form Healthy Attachments With the Wounded Parts of You... the Key to Accessing Profound Joy, Freedom, and Sharing Love With Others

Oprah, The Huffington Post, Mindbodygreen

Do feelings of anxiety and depression linger, despite years of spiritual and emotional work?

Do old patterns of self-loathing still crop up, causing you to feel unlovable and unworthy, when you “know better”?

Does intimacy continue to be challenging for you — because you fear you’ll abandon yourself if you reallyopen your heart?

What if you could approach new relationships from a place of curiosity and wholeness (rather than neediness or anxiety)?

If you’re like most of us, your instinct to be loved by another, or find healing “out there,” is strong...

Yet, as you may have discovered, loving yourself is the key to being able to share love with others... (notice we didn’t say “get love from others”)

More importantly, the parts of you that have felt abandoned, neglected, or sidelined by others’ needs since you were a child can ONLY be healed and made whole by your love.

The process of Inner Bonding is about “parenting” yourself at the deepest levels.

And in doing so, there’s so much more joy, freedom, and love available to you...

If you’re wondering how you can truly love yourself when you didn’t have healthy models for that growing up, Inner Bonding can help you cultivate this love and sustain it.

Inner Bonding has helped thousands of people develop internal self-love, which is the hallmark of psychological and spiritual health and truly loving relationships.

During this special event with Inner Bonding co-founder Dr. Margaret Paul, you’ll learn some of the most important advanced insights and practices for truly loving yourself.

You’ll discover how to dialogue with your feelings of pain, anxiety, and fear, as well as get to the core of self-abandonment, which is one of the main habits that needs to be shifted in order for you to experience authentic self-love.

Video Available now though January 31

Location On-Line Event