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How to Relax Your Ego with Miranda Macpherson

Are you ready to stop seeking, drop your struggle, and open to a new depth of being that is powerfully loving, liberating, and wise?

Welcome every moment as an opportunity to invite grace into your life — infusing your days with joy, enriching your relationships, and enabling you to live in complete harmony with spiritual truths.

Grace is much more than just a beautiful state that fills your heart with gratitude.

Grace is the direct experience of Divine Presence coming alive within you. It reconnects you to the essential qualities of your true nature — boundless love, awareness, peace, strength, and joy.

Grace melts your defensive armor, ends unnecessary suffering, and returns you to a more fluid state of being. You experience yourself in and as part of the love that animates this world — truly able to move beyond the consciousness of fear and separation.

You become aware of the hidden blessings in each moment and receive spiritual nourishment that allows you to navigate everyday stresses and serious challenges with greater ease.

In a state of grace, you have the support — from within — to walk the path of awakening with more patience and a greater capacity for forgiveness and courage, all while living more harmoniously and joyfully in everyday life.

Real spiritual awakening, as it turns out, isn’t about achieving some special state as much as fully relaxing into what is, and making peace with all parts of yourself — and all that life brings to you.

This is how grace comes alive within you and brings the blessings and support necessary to live with spiritual depth and be of benefit to others.

Miranda Macpherson is a profound spiritual teacher who guides us beyond the contractions, distortions, and emotional frustration inherent in our struggle to open into who we truly are.

Her transmission is palpable — even when offered virtually — filled with acceptance and love, as her steady, compassionate gaze meets yours. Even those new to her work can instantly recognize her embodied, experiential knowledge of the path, and of opening to and embodying grace in a very real sense.

Miranda’s method centers around what she calls “ego relaxation,” the practice that guides us in how to surrender in and through our direct experience with love — instead of trying to beat ourselves into spiritual shape.

This is far from collapsing into self-rejection or being passive, Ego relaxation guides us in how to get out of our own way, while engaging deep sincerity, willingness, devotion, and humility so we can wholly engage our spiritual practices — but without the push to try to fix ourself.

Beyond attachment and fear, craving, and aversion, you can view and embrace everything that’s happening — even difficulties — as the unfolding of grace.

You surrender into the invitations of your life as the burdens of your mind drop down into the abundant love of your heart.

You start to see the depth, beauty, and spiritual gifts in all that life brings, as well as in your connections with those around you.

During How to Relax Your Ego, Miranda will guide you in opening to the grace that lives at the very heart of your being.

You’ll discover how to see the world through loving eyes and how to embrace your life challenges as powerful gateways to true fulfillment and freedom.

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