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Alchemist, Guardian & Queen with Anneloes Smitsman

A Free Video Event With Anneloes Smitsman

Author, Storyteller & EARTHwise Founder 

Discover archetypal energies to activate your deepest intuition, inner strength, and spiritual transformation.

Experience a sacred practice to enter into the Cosmic Womb — a key step in manifesting your true calling.

Do you feel deeply rooted in your feminine wisdom... and in your life? Are you fulfilled by what you do and bring to the world? Or perhaps you’re not certain what your calling actually is...

Women in modern societies have often felt disconnected from the inherent wisdom of the feminine, which has been demonized, feared, and controlled — precisely because of its transformative power.

So we second-guess our intuition or give away our power, effectively blocking us from realizing our deepest calling as women — and as souls that incarnated at this time to help evolve human consciousness.

Due to centuries of cultural conditioning, we’ve lost touch with what we need to fundamentally transform our lives and our world: Womb Wisdom.

And yet, it’s always there, within you, and within all of life — from the bead-sized eggs of the tiniest sea creature to the star that births a distant galaxy.

Three archetypes — the Guardian, the Alchemist, and the Queen — can help you reclaim your Womb Wisdom. These alchemical energies are quickening in you and our world, and are pregnant with the specific powers you need to fulfill your calling.

The Guardian — Holder of inner power, protection, and courage for Self, the collective, and the Earth. She balances the masculine and feminine within and through sacred union.

The Alchemist — Witch, wizard and healer, the Alchemist transmutes denser energy and holds the active power of creation. Long demonized, the Alchemist transforms limiting beliefs and systems into life-affirming solutions.

The Queen — High Priestess, sovereign of self-governance, and initiator of personal and collective transformation. A guide to your deepest intuition and visionary leadership, the Queen serves the Greater Good for current and future generations.

Join bestselling author and internationally acclaimed evolutionary leader Anneloes Smitsman for Alchemist, Guardian & Queen, a virtual workshop on reclaiming your Womb Wisdom through these dynamic archetypes.

Available Now Through February 12

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