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Discovering the Feminine Way of Plant Medicine with Deb Soule

Open to the feminine way of relating to plant medicine by incorporating reciprocity, lunar and solar rhythms, and plant “spirits” into your approach to herbalism.

Discover medicinal plants and tonic herbs most valued for women’s health — to heal and thrive during different cycles of life.

Herbalists and biodynamic gardeners know an ancient secret about the best way to nurture the soil and plants...

It’s that the raising and crafting of high-quality natural medicinals involves a sacred relationship with the Earth and an understanding of the cosmological forces all around us.

It’s a feminine way of approaching gardening and plant medicine that invites a deeper understanding of the plants you grow — knowing not only their cultivation requirements and healing qualities, but also getting to know them energetically.

It opens you to a healing beyond the physical — one that touches the gardener and growing place. It calls for a gentle and natural tending of the land, and can include prayer, or making an offering when seeds are sowed and plants are gathered.

In this spirit of reciprocity, the soil and Earth are viewed as living organisms, and you are nurturing that which is nurturing you.

The feminine way of plant medicine looks to solar, lunar, and seasonal rhythms, and how they hold wisdom about when to harvest and when to prepare plant medicines, as well as how best to tend to a woman’s health.

In Discovering the Feminine Way of Plant Medicine, herbalist, gardener, teacher, and author Deb Soule invites you to bring plants “to life,” not only by growing and creating natural medicines with them, but by looking beyond their physical qualities and into their spiritual essences.

Deb has over 30 years experience growing, preparing, and using medicinal herbs — and her approach to herbalism is intimately tied to her view of the Earth as a living being.

When you deepen your relationship with the plants you grow or use, you create an energetic synergy that not only nourishes the plants, gardener, and land, but also helps you better understand the plant’s healing gifts.

This relationship helps you deepen your understanding of how to respectfully use each individual herb.

During this insightful hour, Deb will also share some of the medicinal plants and tonic herbs most valued for healing qualities specific to women’s health — remedies to help women heal and thrive during different cycles of our lives. This will include some of her favorite roots for grounding and enhancing liver function.

Throughout the ages, women have called upon medicinal plants to nurture their relationship with the Earth, the cosmos, their spirituality, and their bodies. Join Deb and deepen your own relationship and plant-healing wisdom.

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Deb Soule

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