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Awakening Your Third Eye with Raja Choudhury

        A Free Video Event With Raja Choudhury

Spiritual Teacher, Filmmaker, and Speaker

Available Now through Feb. 27

Discover 5 ancient techniques from Tantric and Kundalini Shakti practices to open your Third Eye and discover immense inner light and unceasing guidance from higher consciousness.

Learn how to open your Third Eye in a safe, step-by-step approach that will reveal a Star Gate inside your head and free you to become a Sky Walker.

Has your meditation practice stopped short of giving you full access to a higher power and intelligence, enlightenment, and intuitive vision?

Would you like to discover how to awaken and activate your Third Eye — and tap into its power to uplevel every area of your life?

For thousands of years, mystics, shamans, seers, and prophets from ancient Egypt to India have used the power of the Third Eye to experience mental clarity and unimaginable bliss through accessing infinite light, visionary states, and divine intelligence.

These mystics developed paranormal powers (or “siddhis”) that mirrored the abilities of magicians, mentalists, and alchemists. Many used plant medicines to achieve these visionary states, which released the chemicals required for the brain to enter the altered states needed for the Third Eye to open.

It was in India that mystics turned inwards and found ways to open the Third Eye without medicine. Instead, they approached this spiritual goal as an esoteric science whose codes and techniques have been passed down to us through various forms of yoga, using breath control, intense concentration, mantras, sacred geometries, and the imagination.

Spiritual teacher Raja Choudhury has researched these codes in depth and is revealing their secrets for the first time in Awakening Your Third Eye.

Imagine being able to tap into the ultimate source of all creativity, intuition, peace, bliss, and light...

Imagine being able to function in your life more fully — living more creatively and harmoniously, sleeping more soundly, and letting go of destructive patterns and habits...

Imagine developing skills of higher consciousness, expanding your mind, accessing your deepest intuition in decision making, and only attracting the highest and most pure energies in your life.

All this is possible through awakening your Third Eye. It is the seat of your consciousness — the bridge between ordinary you and “superconscious” you.

Raja, who has been initiated in many lineages and received various transmissions that empowered him as a spiritual teacher, has also lived a full life in the world as a media producer and a family man. He’s thus skilled at teaching you how to work with these secret teachings and energies while also honoring your daily commitments and being firmly grounded in the world.

In this hour-long mini-workshop, Raja will share vital, life-enhancing secrets that have been kept hidden within the walls of mystery schools and the pages of secret doctrines for untold centuries...

He will teach you how you can open your Third Eye in a gentle, safe, tested, and painless way to discover true inner illumination and access vast cosmic intelligence in physical, tangible, and repeatable ways.

You may even develop new capacities or siddhis of intuition, clairsentience, or healing capacities and skills — and awaken to a more reverential relationship with the world around you.

 A Free Video Event With Raja Choudhury

Spiritual Teacher, Filmmaker, and Speaker

Saturday, February 9, 2019
10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

Location On-Line Event