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Beyond Plant Medicine with David Crow

A Free Video Event With David Crow, LAc
World-Renowned Plant Medicine Pioneer

Discover deeper levels of healing by experiencing the spiritual dimensions of your body using the prana and qi of plant medicine.

You’ve likely experienced the power of botanical healing from Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and other ancient traditions… and maybe energy medicine as well.

Even if you’ve started using plant medicine or energy medicine, it can still be overly focused on symptomatic treatment (treating a specific symptom with a specific remedy or practice) — missing out entirely on the deeper (and more holistic) levels of healing that are available to you.

The power of plant medicine is actually rooted in the energetic qualities of the remedies you're taking and practices you're applying... in other words, prana (referred to as qi in various traditions) is THE healing property within you, within plants, and in the world around you.

To truly transform your health and wellbeing, you need to move “beyond plant medicine” and into the energetic and spiritual dimensions of prana and qi — tapping into deeper, sustained health and wellbeing.

So what is the nature of prana and qi — and how can you attune to these energies in your body, in plants, and in the environment for deeper healing?

Recording Available until 2/27/19

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