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Shamanic Journeying with the Spirits of Nature with Sandra Ingerman

Discover how to establish a reciprocal relationship with your favorite nature ally to learn from its healing wisdom — and to share yours.
Learn how shamans move into their ’spirit self’ to talk with different species, learn from them, and enable them to learn from us.

From the honey bee to a shooting star, nature bathes our souls in awe...

The generous Earth also nourishes our very being, providing food, water, air, and natural materials for creating shelter.

Our relationship with this “Middle World” and its lifeforms, however, can be fraught with guilt and feelings of overwhelm for our part in poisoning its soils and waters, polluting its atmosphere, and causing global warming.

Yet, if we can transmute our shame and fear about how we have treated our environment into self-compassion and forgiveness, and establish reciprocal relationships with our fellow nature beings, we can start to help the natural world — and ourselves — regain a healthy balance.

To do this, we must re-establish the healing relationships ancient shamans had with the animals, trees, and other nature allies we share the planet with...

This is what can allow us to discover the profound wisdom inherent in the adaptation skills of these nature spirits.

Like the whale, which can send echoing sound messages to fellow pods miles away, informing them of a change in migratory patterns. Or the iguanas of the Galapagos islands who can adapt their biology to the fluctuating environment.

And by discovering how to build a lasting relationship with our Middle World allies, we not only open to their wisdom, but to our own telepathic ways of connecting with these lifeforms — from our favorite tree in our own backyard to the birds that grace our parks to nature's majestic mountains and evening stars...

We also start to sense their compassion for us and the tumultuous evolutionary stage we’re in.

A Free Video Event
Featuring Shamanic Teacher 
Sandra Ingerman
Saturday, February 16, 2019  10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

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