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Energy Medicine with Donna Eden

Are You Ready to Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands and Feel Happier, Healthier, and More Alive... in Just Minutes a Day?

Discover Simple Ways to Revitalize Your Entire Being by Opening to the Natural Flow of Your Life Force

Join author and Energy Medicine expert Donna Eden and her husband, David Feinstein, as they reveal the source of virtually every sickness and physical challenge: blocks in the flow of life force.

The good news is that when you unblock your flow, you open natural pathways to superior health and abundant wellbeing.

Many ancient healing traditions view energetic health as foundational for preventing disease. Chinese medicine focuses on restoring and balancing the flow of qi along the body’s meridians, and similar practices are found in Ayurveda, shamanism, and other healing disciplines and traditions.

Modern science validates that many practices — from acupuncture and mindfulness meditation to qigong and hands-on healing — have profound positive effects. These proven methods can significantly improve our health, and increase our health while increasing our energy and resilience.

And now, these ancient practices are finding a remarkable new synthesis in the emergence of Energy Medicine...

Building upon disciplines like acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, therapeutic tai chi, and yoga, Energy Medicine offers a powerful complement to traditional forms of allopathic medicine.

Superior health, abundant wellbeing, and profound peace and joy are all possible when you take your health into your own hands (literally!) by applying key principles of Energy Medicine.

Energy medicine is intrinsically empowering because it states that through your hands, you have the ability to heal... to create... and transform.

According to Energy Medicine trailblazer Donna Eden, we are all instinctive healers...

... a state of joyful, vibrant energy is your birthright! To turn it on, you simply need to learn how to get in touch with your innate gift of healing.

Getting your energy flowing correctly with simple daily practices can improve your mood, reduce your stress, and even diminish pain. With the right knowledge and tools, you can gain access to a vast source of health, happiness, vitality, and joy.

The benefits of harmonious, flowing energy include:

  • Diminished aches, pains, illness, and disease
  • Deeper happiness, satisfaction, and real contentment
  • More focus, clarity, and productivity in everything you do
  • Better relationships, more harmony, and a magnetic personality
  • Renewed balance, wellbeing, and low-stress living
  • A longer, healthier life

Your body wants to be healthy and aligned. Your mind wants to be happy. And your spirit wants to thrive. With Energy Medicine, this natural state of wellbeing becomes far more accessible.

That’s why we’re so excited to invite you to join us for a special free online event.

In Tap Into Your Full Vitality With Energy Medicine, Donna Eden, one of Energy Medicine’s leading pioneers, and David Feinstein, PhD, will share easy ways you can work with your body’s existing energy systems to reclaim your health and natural vitality.

With nearly 40 years of experience in the field, Donna has helped more than 100,000 people — both laypeople and professionals — understand that their body is their personal “power plant.”

A Free Virtual Event
Featuring Energy Medicine Pioneers 
Donna Eden & David Feinstein, PhD
Saturday, May 19  10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

Location On-Line Event