It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Leadership, Love, and the Power of Vulnerability

Leadership, Love, and the Power of Vulnerability

There is always only one thing happening in your life… 

It may not be evident at a glance. Yet, the one thing that is always happening is—the various aspects of your consciousness are continuously attempting to reunite.

As the aspects of you, both on the “inner” and in the “outer” world bump into each other and begin to weave together, a common question arises in life. We look “out there” and wonder, “How do I…put this piece together with those pieces?

In a given moment, we each may have a part of us that—

  • Wants to say yes, but another part that hesitates 
  • Desires to show up for that new project engaged and excited, but another part that is frustrated 
  • Is ready to lean deeply into a relationship and another part that struggles in it 
  • Says, “I’m just not dealing with this uncomfortable feeling or even this exciting opportunity.” 

We create a wobble in the flow, an obstacle or “gunk” on the path, when life becomes about right and wrong—the “me-ness” and the “you-ness.” What we have to do is bring the “pieces of us,” the me and the “you that we project out” back together into the oneness. 

As we attempt to move from me-ness/you-ness to oneness, life shows up like friction. 

The friction in your life is actually revealing that you’re ready to embrace something new. Perhaps even something you’d not previously thought of or considered.

When the question passes through your awareness, my invitation is to open up in vulnerability and fully reveal it, so that you acknowledge the question. Then the light of the conscious mind is attentive and can answer it. 

It is then that we experience resolution, because we come consciously into unity—the oneness—that is possible as we allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

Our strength is in our vulnerability. Our strength is present when we ask ourselves and honestly answer—

  • “Am I pushing too hard for my point of view?” 
  • “Am I rejecting too much?”
  • “Am I judging the right/wrong of a circumstance based on my beliefs?” 

Rather we recognize true value is in perceiving both sides of the story—of any story. Step into the both/and so that you, we, humanity, opens the door wider to our capacity to bring love into any circumstance. Because as we stand in possibility, we stand in our greatness. 

When we can allow all possibilities to be equally valuable, we step into a greater version of ourselves. 

We start to do this by building the circuits to shift our perspective so that we live from what I call, the Front Side of the Model. This model is a Quantum Flip® of who we think we are. It is an awareness, an understanding, that we are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience in a physical, energetic world. 

We are here to reunite the various aspects of us—mind, body, breath—and live consciously as beings of spirit, energy beings, in this physical dimension. We do that as we embody, bring into the “physical” body, our energetic or spiritual nature. 

From this perspective, there is never anything wrong, missing, or broken…

We no longer need to “make the best” out of a bad circumstance. Instead, we know that every bit of friction serves us at the highest level of the Soul. When we surrender our attachment and let go of being reactive, and build new, higher-capacity circuitry we activate and step into creative genius, our capacity as Creator. Our ability to be vulnerable, to choose and to lead.

How do we recognize that we’re on the Back Side of the Model? When we “feel right,” we’re usually on the Backside of the Model. 

Are you right or available…it’s a yes/and

From the Front side of the model, we feel available. We may not know how to react, what the right answer is, or even how we feel in a specific moment. 

What we do know, based on The Energy Codes® is to “take it to the body.” To sense and feel into our core. To connect with this anchored and grounded awareness, the Self, that is present when we squeeze the four anchor points and breath up and down the Central Channel. 

From that place of grounded awareness, based in all possibilities, we make the best decision we can in that moment. We also know there are other, equally valuable, opinions because it’s not about thinking that we know the right way. 

When you come into wholeness, you see the both/and and you live from that infinite possibility. Since we’re willing to see both sides, we trust our decisions. We’re not deciding from a position based on a limited belief or need to defend or protect. The action rises from deep consideration, years (or maybe minutes) of awareness, and activating circuits.

Thus you’re available to sense and feel what your authentic decision is in this moment, based in love. Based in all things we can consider…based on the highest awareness that we can maintain in this moment— “I’m going to make a choice. I’m going to step this way.” That’s creatorship. That’s leadership.

When we move to the Front Side of the Model, we open to availability. We’re not becoming more right—we’re simply recognizing more of our wholeness. 

We ultimately want to build the circuitry to be in touch with our gut wisdom, the cosmic oneness which is “the answer space,” all of the time. When we walk here on earth consciously connected to the wisdom rising from our gut, as situations come forward, and they will because that is what is supposed to happen, we know how to respond. 

We respond based on the sensed feeling rising in us constantly, because it’s always rising. The question is, are we available to access the information as it is rising to our awareness

Availability equals awareness. The more available you are, the more aware you can be and the easier it is to perceive the both/and. The more we perceive through a limited belief structure and flow the energy through a certain path, the more we become polarized, which moves us to the Back Side of the Model. 

Discover how to walk with availability. Build the circuits to be present and aware of your surroundings, so that you’re not caught up in or lose track of a bigger picture, while you—

  • Ask an uncomfortable question
  • Have what might be a hard conversation
  • Speak into a scenario that feels polarized

One way is to create a devotion to being consciously tapped-in continuously (hint we already always are). 

Then, as life brings forward a moment of decision, the choice becomes easy because we’re already tapped in to that Universal Intelligence. We don’t have to stop, reconnect, and wait for an answer. You feel a sense of stability that wasn’t available before. 

Suddenly, the friction between what we perceive as two single points of consciousness, which looked as if it was between you and another person or something happening “out there,” is now revealed as between you and you. It’s really just you arguing with you in an attempt to find You. It’s you giving you an opportunity to bring more love to any circumstance. The more love you bring to the friction, the more you’re available to perceive and be the love that you actually are. 

Leadership based in possibility

You feel the love as if you’re receiving it from the outer world. Feel it, and remember that the “outer world” is a reflection of the inner world. It’s a movie that we project onto the screen, so that we can see what is happening and start to work with it in a conscious and conscientious way. 

Then we have moments of connecting the dots—and we remember, it’s not about the friction out there. There’s nobody out there. It’s about the friction in here. It’s about me, breathing fully into these pieces and parts of myself, so that I can feel, sense, and live into that wholeness. 

We recognize that the blending of the worlds, of our deep wisdom and our brilliant minds, is what is needed in our culture now. 

  • We desire leadership based in our wisdom and love 
  • We need to breathe deeper into our bellies and allow all possibilities to be true possibilities 
  • We need to find the truth in someone else’s opinion, even one that feels offensive, or that we want to deflect or reject immediately

Perhaps it’s occurring, so that you come to know yourself more fully. 

To know our true self means we don’t get ruffled by someone else’s decision that seems unkind. We stay the course and breathe wisdom into the space. As a byproduct of that, you find yourself becoming a wise, loving, present leader—in your relationships, in your families, and in your community. There is, in my opinion, no greater gift that we could offer humanity. 

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