Lean in to the chaos to find stability

Lean in to the chaos to find stability - Dr. Sue Morter

Because humanity is in the process of letting go of how we’ve actioned in the world to feel safe, now is the perfect time to lean in and collaborate..

We’ve used the mind and its idea of how things “need to be” to control things. We’ve been conditioned to perceive the ways others need to behave, how we need to behave, or how things need to go. This has developed a rigidity in our lives.

A byproduct of forcing that sort of structure is that a lot of energy has been suppressed. Especially, energies of emotions, authenticity, mattering, and of a sense of clarity about who we are and what this world is really all about. 

The chaos and uncertainty we are experiencing in the world is in divine order. It is a friction and a polarization that allows for what has been suppressed to come up and be expressed. If life feels like a challenge in this moment, lean in because even though it looks crazy, it’s actually a great healing for people.

There is a structure that is being rearranged in our lives right now. You get to choose… Lean in, learn to surf the wave of what's happening, and go with the flow, or stand strong, reject, and resist. However you choose, this restructuring is in divine order.

The invitation is to learn how to become buoyant, agile, and recognize there's a purpose to everything so that you find the medicine. As you do, you can work with what arises in such a way that you find You. As we surf the wave, instead of fighting against it, we have a different experience.

If you've never been on a surfboard, what you want to know to stay afloat is that you need to lean in and collaborate. In life, we need to lean in so that we feel what is and work with it. 

As we observe the wave on its way and start to paddle before it arrives, we’re in motion and the wave can pick us up with ease. So catch this wave of craziness and allow it to consciously serve by leaning in. Listen. Open up and genuinely hear others who might have an entirely different perspective.  

Truly hear it. Consider it. Listen with an open heart, because inside of every opinion is a “reality.” Inside of each “reality” is a person who is truly navigating the best way they know.

Are you willing to lean in and lead with compassion? Find the divine order in what’s occurring so that you drop deeper into the truth of who you are. When you do, you no longer depend on other people, or material things, or circumstances to give you a sense of well-being, safety, or belonging. 

What if, instead of interpreting the world, or personal circumstances as, “everything is going wrong,” we interpret it as, “I'm getting the sign from every direction it’s time to have more ownership of my wholeness?”

Allow and celebrate the greatness of your being. In true celebration, we automatically lean in and celebrate the greatness of others, instead of disagreeing, judging, or making them less so that we can feel better.

Discover ways to lean in. As you do, you perceive the divine order happening in service to your awakening to the wholeness you are. 

Perhaps you're having a hard time feeling connected to the external world. The ultimate journey of the soul is to recognize its wholeness. So use the medicine of this moment to allow you to lean into the Self more deeply so that you build a better relationship between the mental body and the Soulful Self.  

This allows us to access more unity because the mental body has a tendency to exclude, to defend, and to perceive separation. It is conditioned to judge as a means of feeling secure and safe. Instead, compassionately embrace and love.

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