Learn to Go Quiet


We can learn to go quiet in the middle of what would ordinarily be a psychological riot going on within us. The frantic search for any answer – being suddenly caught up in a stream of thoughts and feelings trying to figure out what to do with some frustration – turning to those frantic answers, looking for them, is like turning on a fan and hoping to straighten out the papers on your desk.

We mustn’t be afraid to Go Quiet in those moments. In much the same way as we look out and see something beautiful, we can look interiorly and see that inside of us there is a scramble going on for some kind of security, and to know in that moment that it is not who we really are that’s afraid of what’s going on.

Here’s something that’s stunning. I remember the first time I heard it and what it did to me, and how my mind actually went quiet when I heard it. Listen to this idea.

It’s OK not to know what to do in that moment when we’re afraid. It’s OK to not know. The reason it’s OK to not know is because if we can just suspend the usual scramble for thoughts and feelings that will somehow secure the moment for us, and instead see that scramble of thoughts and feelings, we actually become aware within our heart and mind that something is running itself ragged, trying to get to a finish line where it will never arrive.

Anxious thoughts and feelings don’t want the freedom they promise. They want to bring us into the prison where there is no quiet but just the riot we’re afraid of, and then turn to those anxious thoughts and feelings to escape the very thing they’re creating within us.

The more we can learn to Go Quiet in the face of that mental riot, the further we will be able to see a clarity – the promise of a new destiny –- because we’ve stepped out of the river of that crazy stream of thoughts and feelings and stepped right into a new understanding that can only grow in a quiet mind.


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