Learning to Live in Pure Joy


We must remember that we all deserve love and joy, and all that is good and beautiful. If we keep this thought in mind, life will naturally tend to be beautiful.

Most of us deep down within, could be feeling they don't deserve a lot they are gifted with, also our socio-cultural environment has taught us this spirit of sacrifice and we are inevitably taught to deal with a lot of guilt regarding our personal belongings.

This is most specially relevant if you come from a wealthy and affluent family. You are given the message time and again that you do not deserve this abundance and you need to give it up or give it away as you have no right on what you have not worked for. Of course sharing is a very noble part of the human existence,  but sharing from a space of guilt is incorrect. We need to share from a space of love.


This is essential, and it is our Divine right to feel happy within constantly. We as humans seem to live in a constant state of anxiety, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Most people are averagely lonely, intense, passionately seeking approval, have a temper that is not in control. If our focus is not clear then we are unable to lead a happy life. We seem to view everything as a problem.


You must examine your feelings from time to time, pay attention to your inner self. We must notice and respect that we are responsible for creating our own power. We need to make sure that our positivism keeps drawing power from within us.


Since we need to understand that, we are each one of us responsible for the way our life is and our experiences are teaching us that every thought is creating our future. We are all dealing with damaging thought patterns from our childhood. These are within the control of our mind. We just need to change them.


We normally remain caught in the vicious cycle of our past. We need to let go of these negative cycles of thought.  By putting away thoughts from the past can we then make space for the future.

The journey of the human being is evolution and growth.  By remaining stuck in the past patterns, growth does not happen. So it is essential to have to move from within, into a newer space.


This is a tremendous quality, and so extremely essential. It is imperative to approve of yourself. Criticizing oneself leaves us dis-empowered and erodes our own level of self worth.


This is possible only when we learn to spend time with ourselves. The most important space for us is always within our own selves. Here is where we truly need to be.


Most of us have grown up doubting our own feelings. It is when we lack in self worth, that we constantly look for validation and approval from outside our own-selves. We try to love others in the hope that they will love us as I intensely as we desire love.

We need to realize that the love we are seeking from others, is the love we need to give ourselves.


This comes from releasing other people's opinion of our self. Many things we choose to believe about ourselves are nonexistent in us and have no basis.

Look within and trust yourself . Your faith and trust within will generate enough self love. Learn to live in pure joy.

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