Let Go To Birth New Magic

spring Let Go To Birth New Magic

This week we enter a new phase of our world as the spring equinox welcomes new life in the northern hemisphere. Regardless if you are in the north or south it is a signal that the season before is dying so a new one can be born.

In the 4 card universal reading this week we have the first card symbolizing this death – the goddess Morrighan who features prominently in Celtic and Welsh mythology specifically in the sacred text of Welsh legends – The Mabinogion (I tend to mispronounce this since it makes me feel like I have a mouth of marbles, but I do know it is Mab-In-OH-Gee-On, and I am practicing, lol).


In essence, she is a goddess of war, death, and transformational magic. She serves to remind us that we must move beyond our old conditioning, our cracked foundations, and faulty projections on the screen of life that cause us pain and harm, and we have to let them die. We can’t fight against our shadows either, as we will lose if we try to battle them. She really challenges us to let go and let die the things we feed that are dangerous and suffocating our true divine expression. Like winter dies, so spring can be born. But if we don’t believe that spring will come, if we cling to the cold of winter refusing to see the natural changes, we will be lost in a barren battlefield of illusion. Resentments are uncanny living things that trick us into avoiding being accountable for our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions. You will be glugging poison yourself hoping the other person will die and, well, we all know that doesn’t work.

So this week, trust in this new cycle, let the things fall away that hold you hostage to a losing battle and join the joy of living. Magic awaits for you there. Only love is real.

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