Let’s Talk About JOY


Spirit has been talking to me about reminding people about their joy. So … let’s talk about JOY.

First off, in whatever time frame you are reading this … Have you at this point today, laughed yet? Laughed. Have you laughed yet today? Have you done something today that has gotten you excited, made you kind of giddy, have a big smile on your face, and feel joyful from the inside out?

How many of you know, feel, recognize, understand that you need more of that? You need more laughter. You need more joy. You need more play. You need more fun … that you desire happiness, light-heartedness, connectedness.

Do you recognize that? Even if you’ve had it, do you invite more joy, more play, more fun into your life?

It is the highest expression of love there is.

I want you to think about the ways we were taught to express love and the way that you experienced joy as a child. You might not have been allowed to have joy. A lot of people didn’t.

For a lot of people, their joy was held back. They had to be quiet.

Don’t laugh too loud.
Don’t giggle.
Don’t interrupt dad when he’s sleeping. 
Settle down.

That kind of thing.

How many of you wish/desire/want to feel more of that joy inside than you are?

It might not be that you are not feeling it at all … but you may want to feel more of it than you are.

I’m big on joy. I’m big on happiness. I’m big on laughter. I’m big on play and on fun. I love to hang out with people and just be silly and laugh, tease a little in a lighthearted, playful way … because that’s what feeds me.

Joy, the highest expression of love.

And if you’re not feeling that, oftentimes it’s because number one, you weren’t allowed. And number two, because you weren’t allowed, now as an adult you have to learn or relearn it. You have to learn a new way of expression. You have to learn how to allow that energy in and how to love that energy.

Let’s talk about that. What I’d like for you to do is I want you to write down three things at least that bring you joy.  I want you to find things that bring you joy … that you could experience, and you could do no matter what, no matter where, no matter who is around you … something that you’re in charge of.

I can go for a walk and that brings me joy.  I can listen to any little kid that’s just giggling. That brings me joy. I can work out. That brings me joy.

What brings you joy?

Maybe it’s singing, dancing, nature, comedy, playing with your grandkids, going boating, your fur babies, reading a good book …

You can/we can generate our joy. Joy doesn’t come to us. It doesn’t land in our laps. It doesn’t show up in our hands. We generate it. We have to make a conscious, intentional choice … a conscious intentional choice to be joyful.

You generate the energy in your life … and you either generate joyful energy or irritable energy or angry energy or frustrated energy or peaceful energy … but you generate the energy. And we’ve got to remember that. That is something that starts with making a decision. I am going to choose joy in this experience. And then channel that energy of love … Love yourself enough to receive the joy of life.

I am open to receive joy. I am open to receive joy. I am open to receive joy. I am open to receive joy.

That my friend is not only a decision that we have to make by consciously choosing it, but then it’s allowing that energy to channel through us – to us and through us – so we are feeling that energy.

That is love expressed in its highest form.

So, what do you want?
What do you desire?
What do you dream of experiencing?
What do you choose to be?

It seems like a pretty simple choice. Choose Joy.

Find what is true for you … find what is it that you’ve always wanted to do …

What is it that wakes you up, that gets you excited, that opens you up?

Let’s show up differently. Let’s stand in our joy.
Let’s search for joy.
You have to actually look for it, not just think it’s going to come and land in your lap, or by accident show up at your door.

You have to search for it.
What can bring me joy today?
What can bring you joy today?

You have to choose.
What’s going to bring you joy … and not wait for tomorrow or the next day or the next day or wait for that thing to happen that you want to have happen so that you have joy.

I’m talking about now. This minute.

That is what I’m asking you.
And that’s what I’m going to challenge you with.

Find some joy in whatever it is that you got going on … because there’s always joy if we look … and the more you focus on that, the higher your vibration raises, the more you attract more joy to you.

There are a lot of things you can do … but whatever that is today, I want you to give me a pinky promise that you’re going to do one of those in the next six hours.

Promise? Thank you!

Let’s go generate some JOY!

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