Let the Light of Awareness Transform Your Life


We are born hungry. We not only require food that we take in with our mouths, but we all have an innate need to take in impressions -- to take in the nourishment that stimulates our mind, that moves our heart, and that works to give us a sense of satisfaction in life.

When we’re young, we have a natural appetite for life, and we are educated by going out and engaging in the world. We meet other human beings, we find lovers, we find ways to make a living that will hopefully satisfy and stimulate us.

Then, as we grow older, our appetite becomes more and more refined, and we find we can no longer be satisfied by the life that we see around us. We realize that another relationship, more money, more food, more travel, isn’t going to fix things. It eventually dawns on us we can’t give ourselves what we’re hungry for through the things that we see in the world.

It’s at this point that we begin to wonder if there isn’t a different kind of nourishment, a different kind of food we can have that doesn’t just stimulate the senses or satisfy the body, but that actually works as a form of food to the soul, to our spiritual life. And it’s when that happens in our lives that a certain window of opportunity appears -- a certain possibility exists in terms of our spiritual development.

We discover that true food not only nourishes us, but it helps us grow. True food gives us something that doesn’t leave us hungry for more but, by its very presence in us as we participate in the fullness of the present moment, produces for us a sense of well-being.

We begin to understand that everything bright and beautiful is inside of those moments in which we’re nourished by our relationship to the present moment, whereas everything else that we do to feed ourselves becomes an object of identification and attachment.

As we are willing to get quiet and allow the light of awareness to act as a beautiful crucible into which life -- and all its content moment-to-moment -- is pouring, then pours into us something we realize has been inside of us all along, but we never knew it was there because we were too busy talking to ourselves, trying to feed ourselves.

This is what the Work is about – finding out that the hunger we have to fill ourselves can’t be answered by the self that searches outside of itself for nourishment. It’s the invitation for us to discover the interior path where we ourselves become actively working in the crucible of the moment where everything can be transformed.


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