It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Let the New Year ring in with feelings of Peace, Joy and Tranquility

A new day, a new way of life, this is just as things have been for many months now. It is time that humanity took " a leap of faith" into the future.
Lifetimes seemed to have passed since the onset of the Pandemic situation.  Many people seem to have catapulted their lives completely.  It has been rather intriguing to watch the whole world coming together for a common cause.  In a way, forgetting their differences of caste,  color or creed,  just moving into a common space of "action".  It also makes us think that,  after all,  we are Beings  who could Globally come together for causes, for the betterment of humanity at large.  

Of course there has been suffering,  in long terms , of mental,  emotional and physical issues,  yet is up-to the individual to decide how he needs to cope with it. 

As the energies on the planet go through a change,  there has also been time for people on an individual level, to go through their own intrinsic change. 

People have been facing a huge challenge in terms of their own inherent self. Looking within,  and coming to terms with their own reality,  has been a great revelation for a lot of mankind. So armed with this new level of awareness, I think it is time, for all of us to look at life from a completely new perspective. 

Life has turned 360 degrees for most people,  and weighing the pros and cons of the new situation has become imperative.  For most people,  things were going in a lull,  continuing on a steady almost static perspective. Too much frustration and stress building up within as the challenges of life kept increasing.  

The inevitability of a growing challenge which needed immediate handling, made people think for  their individual selves towards an inner level of perception. 

Suddenly with an unprecedented situation facing the whole world, the focus and attention of everybody changed,  from the environmental surrounding to the inward scenario.  Feelings which had been suppressed since childhood,  seemed to have been brought up to face the current ongoing search for a meaning to life's mysteries.  It all seems so interestingly magical,  if we see it like that. 

We keep weighing our situation in relation to the people around us. We are seekers of constant approval by our peers. Yet now the introspection from the past few months has taught us that we need to basically look for our own approval. It is only that sense which will give us an inner level of peace,  and a feeling of calm and steadiness. 

I would definitely recommend a new approach to the coming New Year . Let it not be the year of seeking and finding.  Let it be an year of Acceptance,  Gratitude and Love.  It is only when we give and receive love, that we find true joy and happiness. 

Finding a spiritual sense of awakening does not mean you ignore the challenges of the material world. It means you sever the ties to the answer in your own way,  and see the illumination in every situation. 

Let the New Year ring in with feelings of Peace, Joy and Tranquility. Allow your inner self to unveil the true mystique of life for you. 
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