It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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6 Ways to Make Decisions with Clarity and Confidence

smiling-african-business-woman-outside-in-city-picture-id868866570 6 Ways to Make Decisions with Clarity and Confidence

Our basic human nature compels us to make decisions moving us from pain to pleasure. As we evolve, we want to make the so called “right” decisions for all involved in given circumstances.   

Because of my liberal as well as latchkey upbringing, I had to start making all important life decisions from a very young age. I felt that most of the adults around me were trapped in their own life circumstances and unable to help me. Also, being the first born, I felt the responsibility to make good decisions and constantly worried about making right choices. I prayed, meditated and read self-help books and Vedic texts for answers.

Pay attention to your feelings

  • Be still and listen to your heart. It is best to make decisions after praying, meditating or practicing yoga when your mind is quiet.
  • Do what makes you happy.
  • Do what feels good and expansive.
  • Use your body as a guide – Choose circumstances in which your body feels relaxed and safe and your mind feels at ease and peaceful. This means your body, your heart and your brain are aligned with the decision.
  • Drop your awareness down into your body with deep breathing, yoga or walking and listen to your gut feelings.

Allow divine guidance

  • Do what is aligned with your soul’s vision.
  • Listen to your inner voice. In other words, don’t do things to please others or boost your ego. That never ends well.
  • Look out for the well-being of all involved.
  • Follow your intuition --- Pay attention to “déjà vu” moments, synchronicities, visions and messages from the universe through the people and the nature.

When faced with confusion in decision making, my friend, Iliana, always reminds me that “Confusion comes from the Devil, not God”. According to her, God’s guidance is always crystal clear. She recommends not to make any decisions in a confused state of mind.

Be the witness

Whenever there is a control drama going on in family or work circumstances, it is better not to make any decisions based on emotions and just be the witness instead. This helps everyone involved by breaking the karmic cycle of cause and effect. This is a true gift you can give to the people involved in control dramas.

Be courageous

Making confident and courageous decisions requires strong physical and energetic core. Make core exercises part of your regular yoga and workout routines. Strong energetic core can be developed by withdrawing your attention from outside world and focusing inwards. Strong physical and energetic core can also be developed by regular practice of Tai chi, Qi gong or Martial arts.

Being courageous means being vulnerable and asking for help, going against the norm at times and taking responsibility for your decisions no matter what the outcome is.

Use the gift of your logic brain

On my 40th birthday, I felt “half of my life is gone”, either I am going to keep living life passively or be an active participant. Because I was going through mid-life crises and was contemplating divorce, I decided to go see a counselor for guidance. In the first counseling session, I was given an assignment to make two sections on a piece of paper and to write down the pros and cons of being married. This helped me clear my confusion (living in the grey) by separating the black and white. It is best to assess the situation with an objective mind looking at the present situation and not to focus on what happened in the past.

Surrender to the divine will

I feel we are divinely placed in some situations because of God’s will or the soul’s agenda to bring love and light into some very dark places. Nobody in their right mind would choose to be in a bad situation.

On my recent visit to the world famous New Zealand’s Waitomo Glowworm caves, I saw the beauty of tiny little glowworms glowing together to bring beauty and light in these really dark caves, two to three stories below the surface of the Earth where the sunlight has no way of reaching.

In difficult circumstances, all we can do is to be the best glowworm we can be and “shine our light” very brightly by getting together with other glowworms or like-minded people who are willing to shine their light. Shining the light means choosing to live with honesty, unconditional love, acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness, courage, joy and peace. It also means spreading God’s love and light through our actions by the different roles we play.

Mindfulness and embracing your own reality
Your Compassionate Heart

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