It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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A Joy to Behold

A Joy to Behold... A Joy to Behold... is meant to be a happy ride, if yours is fraught with anxiety, here are some ways to change lanes

Writing on stress relieving techniques has become a habit with me. Helping people to change their focus from what’s stressing them to what’s actually benefitting them by changing their thought pattern and coessentially their mood has a huge impact on their level of well being.


When your mood is good you naturally tend to see better opportunities and take advantage of them in creating a stress-free life for yourself.


Energise yourself 


The trick lies in keeping yourself constantly energised. You can do this by indulging in various stress-relieving habits. Whether they are mental or physical, both help equally. The smart thing of course is creating a balance between the two. 


There is of course a bevy of mental and physical activities which you can practice to keep stress at bay. Normally we are so focused on our thought process that we tend to ignore our physical side as it is much easier for most of us to manipulate our thinking. But we do need to realise that our physical state of health and activity does affect our mental state too. Physical exercises help to release certain endorphins in the brain which in turn affect our state of mind, leading to a state of calm or agitation accordingly. 


You need to soak your mind and body in a healthy format. Learn to feel good about your body. Tease your mind into feeling good.


Cleanse your body


Appoint a detox day. Spend time and focus on a detox programme for your body. Indulge in some green tea with lemon and honey to get a rejuvenated feeling. One needs to figure out the best physical activities towards stress relief. 


Cleanse your mind


Appoint a mind cleaning day to yourself, a day when you consciously decide not to mull over the past. Indulge in some personal rituals which give you a sense of joy.


Address emotions 


Play positively with your emotional side. Rejuvenate your mind by indulging in listening to your favourite music or watching a movie or show.


Pen it down


Write your thoughts and just by putting them on paper actually will give you a certain kind of contentment. This is a level of peace as though you have shared your happy moments. 


Share your skills


Volunteering to share your best qualities for a few hours in helping others would revive a sense of joy and help you in de-stressing considerably.

Reposted with Permission from The Tribune - India
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