It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Adapt – Your Life Depends on It

Adapt – Your Life Depends on It

I am reminded time and time again that it is critical that no matter what is happening in our lives, we need to adapt.  None of us our given our life’s roadmap to follow.  Life can be messy, confusing, and not what you expected.  See, that’s the whole challenge.  We expect.  We attach ourselves to outcomes that aren’t necessarily in our best interest, or on our soul’s path. 


I hear and read things that tell us to:

  1. Do what’s most expansive. 
  2. Get in the flow of your life.
  3. Detach from outcomes.

I’ve always felt these things feel so esoteric.  What do they really mean?  Adapting is what pulls it all together for me.  When our emotions are negative, that means it’s not expansive, something is not in alignment with our soul’s path.  I tell my kids all the time, it takes 17 seconds to shift our emotions.  Take the 17 seconds to adapt to the situation at hand and become the observer of the junk going on in that moment in time.  When you become the observer, you are looking at life from your higher self, your soul.  If you don’t adapt, then you’re not in the flow of your life.  When you’re not in the flow of your life, life becomes challenging and this is where many of us choose to stay suffering.  Suffering becomes a lifestyle for many.  The only guarantee in life is change.  Adapt to the change that is always happening, become a master at it.  Think of it like a dance.  You’re just twisting and turning.  You can choose for it to be graceful or keep falling flat on your face, it’s your choice.  Don’t resist, flow.  Adapt to what is, as opposed to forcing yourself to suffer when you thought it was going to be some other outcome.  In a book my kids like to read there is a line in there that says, “You get what you get and you don’t get upset.”  It’s become of good phrase in our house.


Adapt. Adapt. Adapt.


Adapting isn’t always easy and it takes volumes of courage.  When you adapt, you’re following your inner guidance system regardless of what constraints the outer world has put on you.    When you adapt to life, remember there is no need to negotiate yourself away.  Rely on your inner knowing.  Your inner knowing is like a muscle, give it time to build strength, you deserve it.  When you approach life from your inner knowing, it’s about living life being your authentic, true, real self in every way shape and form.


Find the courage.


Love yourself enough to adapt to the changes that are on the cusp of your life.  Some will be easy, some will be hard.  Trust that it’s the next right thing for you and your life.  When you do, you will slip into the present moment and into the flow of your life that God, or the Universe, has intended for you.  You will never regret it.


What does all of this have to do with money?


Money is just the result of what you’re putting out in the world.  Money is energy. Money is flowing energy.  If you’re not in the flow of your life, you cut off the flow of money.  If you put up with a boss that isn’t in alignment with you, you cut off money to you.  If you put up with a spouse that drags you down like a lead balloon, you cut off money coming to you.  If you let your kids keep tapping your credit cards or you bail them out all the time, you lose money, like a leaky container that never gets plugged.  In so many cases, it’s so subtle, but it’s true.  Ask yourself, how is your cash flowing?  What or who do you need to release in your life to open up your cash flow?


Intention.  Intention. Intention.


Set the intentions that you have for your life and your money.  Come from an empowered place.  Choose how you want your cash to flow in and out of your life.  Don’t become victim to debt and banks.  Don’t choose to be victim of any decision any politician decides.  Don’t allow a spouse to tell you how it’s going to be.  Choose your life. Choose to set intentions on your personal life, family life, work life and financial life.  Life is really about choices.  Choose wisely.  Choose with setting your personal intentions!!!


In the end, what is important is that we adapt to life so that we don’t create dis-ease in our bodies.  We either work things out or we act them out and we do so through our money or our health.  Love yourself enough to adapt and find the courage to change your life flow now, or, as I’ve seen hundreds of time, disease will develop in your body.  We don’t need to call in a health or money crisis to create the change we are being called to in our lives.


Much love to you and yours…..Julie

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