It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Balance a Real Thing?


Balance a real thing?

Ever feel like you are a tight rope walker who will plummet to the ground if you make the wrong step?

It may be a bit drastic but many of us feel a similar feeling of overwhelm when it comes to balance in our lives.

What is the perfect balance? What does it even mean – balance?

Every day in this repeated cycle of vicious sameness. We build our lives on this precedent of what success means, what it means to be happy, what it looks like according to the messages we receive hidden and openly from society. The empty ramblings hidden in all of the voices speaking to us at any given time.

We want to fit into this mold because if we don’t then we lack this unforeseen balance that everyone else seems to have. We want to break the mold because we are comfortable in our own skin and refuse to conform to the mold, to begin with. Whether we are rule breakers or a perfect replica of what society deems as appropriate, we all still struggle with the balance of life.

How to focus on our careers, self-care, our family, friends, and the quiet, necessary to heal us at our core. When the pendulum swings too much in one direction there is havoc in another.

Becoming someone’s life partner meant sacrifice, compromise, and forgiveness. I hadn’t yet explored all I wanted for myself, but I was in love and that fulfilled me. It was all fun and we were excited about what the future held for us. We were young, but does that really matter? I have witnessed those much older who seem to have mastered balance. Or have they? Is it all an illusion? A mystical force that doesn’t even really exist unless you believe it into existence.

When kids came into the mix, I still hadn’t explored everything I wanted for myself. I had invested much of myself willingly into the partnership with my spouse. Now, I was breathing life into the world. Literally! With the love that my spouse and I shared for one another, we created another living and breathing human being. And then bringing a second life into the world. Now, balance was thrown out the window. I was now a mom-mama-mommy.

Again, being a mother requires great sacrifice, compromise, compassion, patience and a degree of emotional courage among a thousand other things.  I put everything I have into being the best mom I know how. I’ve realized that perfection doesn’t exist, emotions will come out one way or another, and exhaustion is the real deal!

Along this amazing journey, I  realize that I have done so much sacrificing that I have diminished almost completely who I was before being a spouse and a mom. It was as though, I put her in the back of the line and then on hold before finally just phasing her out entirely.

SO where is the balance?

Trying to build a career, be a mother, enjoy time with your partner, having time to yourself, seeing those who matter most, and having those few moments to refuel your soul can absolutely leave you feeling overwhelmed and less balanced – more like a clown in the circus working on their juggling act.

But maybe. Just maybe. Here amongst the chaos of your everyday life, is exactly where the balance lies. Perhaps the balance falls within fulfilling what makes your heart smile –not just at the start of each day – or at the end of the day – but in each and every moment throughout.

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