It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Why Finding Your Way Is Okay

Why Finding Your Way Is Okay

Finding your way is not easy. Life is a constant journey with challenging navigational choices along the way. And, if you refuse to settle for mediocrity, things are very rarely exactly the same.

When you think you have a part of the journey figured out something will come along to show you that you don’t. When you decide to go left, things will shift and the only door open will be right. When things seem to make sense everything will decide to change.

You are stumbling to find your footing, always being stretched to find your way.

In this place things are uncomfortable. You lose orientation – up starts to feel like down and left and right seem to be one in the same. It’s not what you’re used to. Everything feels like quicksand and you long to be on solid ground. Stability, clarity and being self-assured are things you crave. It’s easy to get tired. Tired of being uncomfortable, being unsure and of life’s idiosyncratic pace.

In the moment you want out.

It’s easy to forget you’re exactly where you need to be. It’s easy to forget you’re getting exactly what you seek — change. If you’re finding your way, it means you’re uncomfortable. If you’re uncomfortable, it means there has been change. Somewhere along the way you made a different decision. Now you’re dealing with the aftereffects: being unsure and afraid.

Nothing happens if nothing changes.

You’re here because you followed the path or decision you felt was best for you. It didn’t exactly make logical sense and that’s why you’re finding your way. You’re on unsure ground. You found the area outside your box, and you decided to go there. In this uncharted territory you will always be finding your way.

Sometimes things won’t make sense, and you will need a great deal of faith. Trust that there is no right or wrong, only different paths. Know that every decision you make is right because you made it. Each decision has lessons for you; the lessons you need along your way.

Finding your way can be difficult, unnerving and arduous. But, it can be exciting, character building and rewarding too.

Don’t lose perspective. Finding your way is a beautiful place to be if you want to do great things. It's a necessary element to achieve success. It means you’re growing, and things around you are changing. It means you’re being challenged. It means something is happening.

It's okay if you're still finding your way. When you're not, something’s wrong. When you're not, it means things have ceased changing.

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