It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Change this.. And Change Your Whole World


Can our minds really shape our outer world? Yes, our thinking definitely affects a lot of things. If you think and believe you are unworthy (of love, prosperity, achievement etc.) your thoughts, even the random ones will reflect that, and your behaviors and choices will follow.

What we think about often enough will solidify, make a neural network in our brains (straight up science). What happens is that we essentially turn on an automatic pilot set to seek out evidence in the outer world of what we repeat internally. The Law of Abundance states that everything is possible at all times!

You may identify with my dating story. In my early years of dating I kept attracting men who would victimize me or betray me, most were unfaithful, and some were violent and abusive. I’ve shared my #metoo story about how I was raped, molested when I was little, and how shame took up residence inside me. I didn’t believe I was worthy of love, although I didn’t know that at the time, I saw myself as a victim and deep down I was terrified of intimacy. The outer world presented me with many ways to keep this story alive. I only noticed the bad boys.  

I healed from this. I didn’t stay in the victim mindset because I did the work of healing, first at a spiritual level, then when I believed I was worthy enough to heal more, I went to a deeper psychological level. I slowly changed my mind and, as a result of my new choices and sense of purpose, my mind began to work in my favor, thinking better thoughts more often. I eventually completely re-wrote my story and the outer world changed right along with my inner. (My amazing husband would agree)

All you need is the willingness to make the inner shift.
 You can practice who you want to become! Do it often enough and BAM.. new opportunities show up in front of you like magic. You will begin to notice different things in the world and choose different pathways, people to hang with and new loves.

I chose an oracle card for wise guidance to give something special to end the blog. The card is Imagine! Our minds are powerful and amazing. If we discipline our mind through a daily practice of meditation we can be inspired to create a new version of our self.  We won’t just change our outer world we will also change the world for everyone!  

To make the daily practice of meditation an easy and successful habit I’ve created a new app for you- check it out for iPhone or for Android. It’s already on the top ten list for lifestyle apps in the App store!

You can do it! You are the Magic!

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