It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Channeling Excellence

Today, is as good as any other day to decide you are worth the effort to live the best life possible. Now, is as good as any other time, to commit to living a complete life. It only takes the conscious decision to see yourself fully engaging in this life. This means prioritizing everything that allows you to feel the thrill of excellence. 

As usual, I never know exactly what I’m going to write about, I wait for inspiration. This week I put the above message on my word document and moved on. In the back of my mind, I was tossing around Ideas of how I would convey the message, or if it was the right message for this week.

Later, my husband and I went out to dinner. I noticed a tattoo on the server’s wrists. I looked closer. The message read, THIS IS YOUR LIFE. We discussed, THIS VERY MOMENT, being the time to live your dreams. In other words, channel your excellence. I took a picture of the words and recognized confirmation that the message needs to be shared. 

The choice is ours to honor our ability to live a life that allows peace, prosperity and wellness. I know this is true. Channeling excellence (God, love) is allowing the pure inspirational energy to saturate and fill up both your body, and mind.

It is awakening the desire to share your inspirations. Inspiration can be athletic, intellectual or any other way you share your divine self. 

This energy of peace, prosperity and wellness is just waiting for us to say, “I’m ready”. We are open to it when we are happy and doing what we love. When you are creating and living in the moment, you are channeling excellence. It doesn’t matter if we are baking cakes, swimming or parenting children.

You only need to feel good and keep your heart and mind open. Feel the energy of a vibrant life. Feel the excitement, and joy of life. 

Grab hold of the courage to do what makes you happy. If you want to be a full time cake decorator, do it! If you want to be a landscaper, do it! Make the commitment and make a plan. When you channel excellence, your life path is wide open. 

Staying connected to this energy of love is part of why we are here. What we create with the inspiration completes the awareness of all. 

As we follow our hearts and live our dreams, our goals may change. This is normal and part of the process. This is living an inspired life. A full life requires continued exploration and gratitude. 

In my personal life I see where I have been living an inspired life and where I have not. I can connect the dots of inspiration. I see clearly my times of struggle lacked inspiration. A life channeling love, gives you the sense of purpose needed to accomplish greatness. There is no challenge that has the power to stop you. 

Join me in a life guided by channeled excellence, peace, prosperity, and love. Our world is responding to the awareness channeled by all. 


There is no beginning or end to the cycle of life and how it is to be shared. There is no right or wrong way to live and create. It is only a matter of welcoming us into your life as we guide you to your highest potential. You may ask who is guiding.. It is all those that have come before you.. It is you. It is all. You are surrounded by a higher energy field that can over lap and pull you into a point of pure consciousness. This is the place of inspiration. It is the over lapping of energy fields that allow us to communicate so freely with you. It is when you have the first memory of all that is , that we are able to shift the consciousness into wholeness.

This is very exciting.. as you accept or adapt to the higher field of energy; this is the Gateway to grasping the flow or evolving into sync of universal God. This has been with you all along. This greatness has been guiding you, propelling you into higher and higher fields or comprehension. Close your eyes and allow your new thresh hold to settle into all vibrational patterns of the here and now. Each breath will relieve you of confusion. Each breath will guide you to the specific points of healing and compassion that you need to create with your divine will. The tranquility of releasing your worries and stepping into the Now holds all the patterns of energy needed for greatness to be restored thru out history , thru out time , thru out images of all.. The word images is chosen over imagination..

Because images or imagery is what holds the patterns of the divine. There is a matter of discipline as well. This is to say that you only need to release your concerns and welcome divine love in.. allow the (energy) folds to change your thoughts and images..

End of Channel 

I believe this channel is in celebration for each of us. Each of us has the ability to create a remarkable life! Let me know where your inspiration takes you. 

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A Message From Our Ancestors

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