It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Conquering Stress During Trying Times: 5 Ways to Tap the Power of Positivity

young-designer-working-from-home-picture-id1213787273-_20200428-124808_1 5 Ways to Tap the Power of Positivity

We are going through a very emotional time right now with all of the changes we are facing during the pandemic. Many people are feeling on edge — anxious that they might lose their jobs, worried over making ends meet, and scared about keeping themselves and their families safe.

People may also be feeling loneliness due to social isolation, disappointment over canceled plans, and an overwhelming sense of uncertainty about what the future holds.

We know that stress is harmful to our physical, mental, and emotional health and our relationships. Higher levels of stress have been proven to wreak havoc with the body's ability to regulate inflammation, potentially making us more susceptible to physical illness. 

Feelings of negativity, pessimism, worry, and despair may also corrode our sense of well-being and rob us of the joy and the hope we need to make it through difficult times.

Fortunately, there are things we can do to cultivate feelings of calm, hope, and positivity, even when we face a personal or collective crisis. Here are a few:


1. Positive Affirmations — Simply taking a few minutes with positive affirmations every morning can drastically improve how things go for you. It’s like giving yourself a quick pep talk in the mirror. Even if it feels a little silly, look at yourself and say, “It’s going to be a great / happy / productive day.” You can then get more specific and tell yourself how you’re going to perform the specific things you want to get done. This will help you achieve your goals — and even small accomplishments can do a lot to boost your mood.

2. Focus on the Good — Life is full of obstacles to overcome, people who are difficult to deal with, and mistakes that everyone makes. But in almost every situation, you can find a sliver of good if you look for it. When you consciously choose to focus on that instead of what went wrong, this can help you maintain a positive mindset. And that will help you accomplish more.

3. Meditate — Meditation can help you clear negativity, energize your mind, and relieve anxiousness. Think of it as hitting the reset button — allowing yourself a moment to disconnect from the world and tune out the negative. When you’re meditating, focus on light, positivity, and gratitude.

4. Discover and Release Trapped Emotions — We believe thoughts and emotions can create physical energy that affects our bodies. Left unprocessed, these energies may become stuck, potentially leading to physical and/or mental distress. At Discover Healing, we call these energies Trapped Emotions. The Emotion Code® teaches a simple method for finding and releasing Trapped Emotions. When people are able to release Trapped Emotions, they often say it feels as if a weight has been lifted from their bodies.

5. Be in the Moment — Most negativity comes from either dwelling on past events or mistakes, or worrying about things that might happen later. But what if we could stay in each moment, focus on the here and now, and just be present? Chances are we’d all worry less and enjoy more — and that can help us maintain a positive mindset — even when things around us seem chaotic, unpredictable, and scary.

It takes practice to learn to focus on the positive, but the benefits are well worth the effort. Consciously choosing to live each day with more hope, gratitude, and peace can help you to overcome the challenges you face and experience more joy along the way.

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