It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Daily Practices for a Happier Life and Better World

Daily Practices for a Happier Life and Better World Daily Practices for a Happier Life and Better World

The dangers of the corporatocracy and the Death Economy – a world created by economic hit men and now manipulated by many of our “leaders” – and the powers of the rising Consciousness Revolution: These were the topics of the three speeches and numerous media interviews I gave at the Melting Pot conference help within the Colours of Ostrava in the Czech Republic. It was attended by more than 50,000 people in late July 2018.

It was an amazing event, a happening of world-class musicians, quantum physicists, media giants, philosophers, economists, and thinkers from many walks of life. To me, the venue itself represented the transition from a Death to a Life Economy, our evolution into a new consciousness. A huge and once highly successful coal mine/steel mill that went bankrupt because it used up all its coal has now been converted into a magnificent series of stages and auditoriums. This symbol of the Death Economy now conveys inspiration, hope, joy, and – above all – ideas for catapulting humankind into the new era, a Life Economy.

I can’t begin to express the extent of my joy at how the teachings and prophecies of the indigenous people I’ve so often written about are being manifest in places like Ostrava. As the groups I take to the Achuar of the Amazon, Kogi of Colombia, and Maya of Guatemala learn, we all come from indigenous ancestors who are part of (versus “apart from”) nature. They know that a Life Economy that is itself a renewable resource is essential to the future survival of our species and many other species. They live in a present that supports the long-term, unlike the Death Economy that advocates a materialist, greedy and selfish present and insists on maximizing short-term profits.

The Melting Pot, the Colours of Ostrava, and the venue they have chosen are the perfect symbol – a metaphor – for this renaissance from systems that are failing us to ones that will thrive and bring new meanings to the human presence on this fragile space station we call Earth.

I was asked to provide a simple take-away at the end of my talks, something everyone can practice. That was easy because it comes right out of the pages of the book I’m currently writing, “Touching the Jaguar.” First, a bit of philosophy that is also presented in the book:

We know that there are two realities: Objective (the computer I’m using to type these words) and Perceived (the ideas expressed by the words). The reality of most human activities and all institutions are molded by human perceptions. We can think of transformation as occurring when we cross a perception bridge from one reality into another.

For example, transforming a Death into a Life Economy simply requires changing our perception.

The indigenous people we visit and study with on our trips tell us that the only thing standing in the way of crossing that perception bridge into a new and better reality is a jaguar that terrifies us (for example, the fear of change, the fear of failure, the fear of ridicule). It is a mistake to run from the jaguar, to avoid or deny that which we fear. Instead we must go to it, confront it, touch it. When we do, the jaguar gives us its power.

A personal example: As a writer, one of my jaguars is that the ideas won’t come to me today; I tell myself that I have to do something else, I’ll postpone writing until tomorrow. I’ve learned that if I touch that jaguar, commit to sitting down at my computer and writing for at least an hour, magic often happens, ideas come, I enjoy myself, and feel much better prepared to write again tomorrow, the next day. . .

After briefly discussing these ideas at my talks (and in the book), I offer this take-away:

Daily Practices for a Happier Life and Better World

  1. Define your dream, your greatest desire, a life that will bring you the most happiness;

  2. Describe how your dream can support a Life Economy;

  3. Put 1. and 2. in writing;

  4. Identify the jaguar that blocks you from realizing your dream and what you must do to touch that jaguar and receive its power;

  5. Read 3 and 4 to yourself every morning and take daily actions to make them happen. Realize that actions can be as simple as sending an email or as complicated as running for public office. The important thing: Do something every single day that advances your dream for a happier life and a better world.

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