Death, Dying and the Soul’s Transition

Death, Dying and the Soul’s Transition

Nikola Tesla states: “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

We are souls/spirit having a human experience.  We are energy.  We are spirit embodied.  When we die, we drop the body … The spirit, the soul continues and lives on.  Energy can never be destroyed. It only changes forms.

“Death in the physical world is rebirth back in heaven” – SDJ

My goal with this blog is to help you consider a different perspective of death.  Not to stop the grief, but perhaps put a different perspective to it. So many people struggle with the death process and with a sense of loss – and understandably so.  This sense of loss can then hold them back from living life fully.  So many people feel guilt, pain, shame and the tragedy of loss … and this can block them from the light and the love of the soul connection.

I share this as someone who has experienced much death in her own life … My grandmother froze to death walking in below 0-degree temperatures while suffering from Alzheimer’s. Three friends took their own lives over the past 10 years. Countless clients have died in a variety of ways, and of course, my family has not been immune to death, with the passing of my aunt and my cousin in the past 9 months. I am sharing this from a perspective of someone who absolutely believes in the afterlife, and experiences it on a daily basis with my clients as well as in my own personal life. I also experience grief, sadness, and the feelings of loss for moments of time, until I am reminded again … that life lives on. Spirit is constantly reminding me of this. As a medium, it has become important for me to also remind others … not to deny the feeling of grief or sadness or loss, but to bring acknowledgement and hope to the fact that when ready (and there is no amount of time that is right), you very well will continue that connection with your loved ones … in whatever way you choose. That is not to deny or judge your pain in any way, but instead to offer you, again, when ready, an opportunity to know … they are with you. When we are ready to look for them, for the signs and the messages, they will show themselves to us … in their new form.

I want to affirm that it indeed is a choice to see, feel, hear and know love, peace, harmony and connection to your loved ones after their physical transition.  I am not saying it is an easy choice, as we want them physical again. Most people do. It is a choice of the heart.  A reminder that the love connection is never lost.  You have the ability to connect to your loved ones through the connection of the heart.  I have learned that where you put your focus is what you will experience.  When you focus on the loss and the absence, then that is what you will experience.  When you focus on their presence and in the signs and messages they send when you ask, then that is what you will experience. Neither is right or wrong, they are simply ways to walk through the experience … different and each divine in their own right.

“You cannot focus on the absence of your loved ones in spirit and experience the presence of them.” – SDJ

Be open and willing to feel your feelings through the pain of the loss. There is no “right” way or “wrong” way to do this and there is also no “right” or “wrong” amount of time.

One suggestion I have is to invite Archangel Michael into your space to help you maintain your own energy and then you can open up and feel the connection to your loved one.  Trust that you are indeed safe with this powerful Archangel of protection, courage and strength.

Being present and aware of your loved one’s presence.  Pay attention to the signs that they send you.

Some signs are:

Songs on the radio, cloud shapes, coins, feathers, smells, goosebumps.  Ask them for a sign that you understand.

Grief is so personal, and my experience is that no two people grieve the same way.  There is the traditional way of grief, moving through the five stages

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

Many people don’t experience the stages in order and that is ok.  The key here is to understand the stages are not absolute and you may or may not go through all of them.  Consider looking at them as a guide in the grieving process.

Then there is the new way of looking at it through the eyes of love.  That we only drop the body and that the love of who we are lives on in spirit.

You can’t choose when grief comes into your life, but you can choose how to walk through it.  Listen to the lessons it brings, express the loss in a healthy way and allow yourself the acceptance that you deserve. Blessings to you – SDJ♥

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