It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Gifts of the Full Moon

gifts-of-the-full-moon_orig Gifts of the Full Moon
Understand your very being is surrounded by love and protected by all that is...  Rest in knowing you are never alone and always, only one thought from peace.

A little over a year ago I began working with a young woman that was seeking significant changes in her life. In one of our first sessions together my client, Dalia, wrote down her very defined goals.  Through the year she quickly moved through her list. She was blessed with much success.  Her greatest desire, a second child, is on the way.   

As I write this we are moving into the full moon of August. Dalia has felt her body preparing to bring new life into our world. It is the perfect time for her new baby girl to bring joy and love into the lives of others. It is also the perfect time for this baby to meet her family and experience the human connection through love.   

At one point in my life I worked as a registered nurse in labor and delivery. I discovered every birth to be a powerful experience.  Each start of life is different and each one carries a powerful story. All deliveries bring new energy into our world.

A mother and new baby experienced a transition into an eternal relationship. Even if the baby is not raised by the biological parents, a relationship has been established.

Spending time in OB Triage, where prenatal ultra sounds are provided, was one of my favorite jobs. The ultra sounds allowed us to peek into the babies’ world while they grew. The fluid movements and the maternal connection through the umbilical cord always fascinated me.  It seemed so magical; and truly it is.
Imagine the possibility that a child is born into this world more aware and connected then we allow ourselves to be. Eventually they connect with our world and their attention shifts to us and less to the wisdom of our Universe.

Humanity is adjusting to the idea of staying connected to creation while having the human experience. 

​Today as the new baby prepares to enter the world, changes will occur. Just imagine, at some point a soul decided to enter her physical body. Before the baby is even born, there is already purpose in her life. It is to experience love in every way imaginable. 

As she moves into position to enter our world, she is surrounded by love and wisdom from her beautiful connection to the universe. Her Angels and guides are with her.

Once here, as she continues to grow, she will receive wisdom and love from a cord we can no longer see. She is experiencing love from all around. And so it is that we also are receiving love from a connection we are unable to see. 
At 12:20 PM the stars aligned for a healthy baby girl to arrive into our world. I know she is protected and loved by her family. I also know she has a thread woven into the fabric of universal consciousness and love. She will continue to be watched over from those that have passed as well as those that have yet to arrive.  


Channeled Message

Sharing messages of love is one of the greatest joys bestowed on each of us. We each have our unique connection to the heart of others and our connection with the Universal Energy or God. Each of our souls come in with an understanding of what our position with in the Universe is... We all know where to shine. We all come in understanding where our light is needed. The connections made in this life were established as part of the cosmic design or eternal relationships that have always occurred in every moment... You have all along loved those in your life. When in doubt, know the connection remains.
Anything that is not of love falls away.

Even those that have shared the greatest lessons or challenges are part of your cosmic design. You choose them and they choose you. Together you shine the light of love. Even when a person is only briefly in your life... You are connected and always will be. 

We can expound on the idea of whom is in our life and why. Some people, animals, experiences are literally to bring joy! Others come in to help you see a different perspective. This eventually leads us to the path of awareness, the path of peace. 

It is as easy as shifting your gaze to remembering why you are here. This is the place where we are aware of our Universal cosmic connection. We are learning how to express joy and live fully in each and every moment. We cross this bridge of awareness together. 

There are sounds and visions all around you, that can help you connect to peace. We leave you with the vision of courage to allow your mind to seek peace. It is there that all your answers are found and freedom reigns.  

End of Channel

​Conceiving a child or an idea is a miracle in action. This is the perfect time to give birth to our new intentions.  I know that however people or animals arrive into our life, it is meant to be. Some are only with us briefly and some a life time. All relationships bring in the potential to learn about love! 
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Enjoy the rest of our summer!
Love Polly 
If you trust in the process of feeling or hearing or even seeing the messages that are birthed at the Sector of heart, soul and God.. you are free.  
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