How to Help Kids Re-Adjust to In-Person Learning

BradleyN9.30 6 tips for helping kids adapt to going back to school

If your child has been participating in school through online learning for some or all of the past school year, the change back to in-person learning this year may be a big shift. Emotions ranging from excitement to nervousness and stress can all arise, and may even be amplified in this unusual time we are living through.

Despite the worries kids and their parents have about staying healthy in the pandemic, there is still excitement about students being back in the classroom, interacting with their teachers and peers. For many kids, this will be a welcome change from solitary learning. For others, the bustle of the classroom poses a big adjustment after logging in to school from the quiet of home for much of the past year. All this is on top of the anxiousness kids normally may feel when starting a new school year with new classmates, classes, teachers, and in some cases, new schools.

Here are a few ways you can help support your child through the transition: 

1. Talk to them about what to expect. Remember to take time to talk to your children about what they can expect throughout the year. Talk them through what a normal day will look like at school this year. Talk to them about how things may be different at school as a result of the pandemic, and any changes at school as they arise. This can help them mentally and emotionally prepare for what will be different. 

2. Create a routine. Children tend to thrive when they know what to expect. Be consistent with their morning and nighttime habits, and make sure they get enough sleep eat healthy, balanced meals each morning and night after school. Think about unique routines you’d like to establish with your children and family. Perhaps you take a walk together each afternoon, share something you’re grateful for that day before dinner, or play your kid’s favorite song on the drive to school each morning.

3. Make space to talk about feelings. Making space for children to safely express their thoughts and feelings is a powerful way to help them cope with the big changes they’re experiencing. Let your kids know it’s natural to have feelings of anxiousness when things are changing. When there’s no hesitancy or shame around sharing these feelings, it becomes a lot easier for kids to process them in a healthy way, with your help. 

4. Plan playtime. Kids, just like adults, need time to relax. While school and homework are important, make sure to give your kids the leeway to play too. When they first get home from school, it can be a good idea to just give them some unstructured time to do whatever they want.

5. Watch for possible signs that they’re having difficulty adjusting. Even if it seems like your child is managing the change to in-person learning well, to keep an eye out for signs they may be having a hard time. Stomachaches, headaches, and for younger kids, potty training regressions and bedwetting can be signs that a child is stressed. If you start to notice these symptoms, talk to a medical professional to learn more about ways you can help.

6. Try energy healing. Energy healing methods such as The Emotion Code® and The Body Code™ can help kids let go of any emotional baggage that makes it harder for them to succeed at school. These methods are designed to help adults and kids identify and release Trapped Emotions, unresolved feelings from troubling events in the past that can exert stress on our minds, hearts, and bodies over time.

Perhaps your child is nervous about making new friends, or they are worried about being away from you all day. These are all normal feelings, but they can be aggravated when a child is struggling with undetected, unnamed emotional baggage.

No matter what emotions your child may be coping with, energy healing can help them to resolve difficult feelings so they can make a fresh start in the new school year.


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