It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Human and Animal as One

In our Sanctuary Home in the 2007 called Lions Field, (Jessie Justin Joy. the famous feline was the  the lion of our heart and the street  named "Lions Field" ), my owl friend sang to us often, sweetly and calmly. She had not yet revealed her physical self but stayed near every night. Meanwhile, our hawk friends circled above us and one frequently  waved back to me from the warm sky. We had been blessed with hawk, hummingbird, deer and raven friends who approach us in every home and who had also met us during many trips to lead Satsangs elsewhere! 

One morning my owl friend and I shared our thoughts as we met in the verses of music within the trees and breeze as a shared voice. Below I share our reflections. 

Having good habits is a fortunate way of being. This allows the breezes of music to linger around you, providing sweetness for self and other. If you begin to think you are your good habits or thoughts, however, you forget to open your heart in reverence and awe to the one Sun, Divine Ma. Then you become small and forgetful. Open your heart to Divine Ma first and let good habits sing dance, play and rest in her will alone. This way your ecstasy is pure and your giving is clear and full of love tones. Spaciousness takes your heart and your arms extend out as her gift of love. Where are you in this? You disappear into her perfumed mystery. You are at awe with her many creatures. You are in surrender to where she takes you and what she makes of you now. You are devoted to offering your arms and heart. 

"I sing out in love with my heart," says human. 

"I sing out with my heart and my voice," says owl. Together we blend in the harmonies of the forest.  Our thoughts were a created understanding like colors in the air, emanating from both of us together.

Touching us both, we understood the one Sun can sing the same ideas through one, two or many all at once!

~Dr. Laurie and Owl, Jessie Justin Joy, and Friend Olisa 

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