It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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“In the storm the lone wolf perishes but the pack will survive” – why community is essential

Community is essential

Don’t worry this blog does not contain spoilers from Game of Thrones season 7 finale but I couldn’t help but be compelled by the sentence in quotes I put in the title. ( fans go and watch it now!!)

Thought it might be interesting to explore some questions this week. They sound easy to answer but I gotta be honest I squirmed when being really honest with my answers.

This past week being the eclipse week has required me to ask myself some very important questions you might like to ponder too.

What do I stand for? What do I really believe? Who has the power? What am I willing to do? Who is my tribe and why? Where do I belong?

I wrote a stream of consciousness letter to one of my Facebook Groups this weekend ( You can read the whole enchilada and join in our High Vibe tribe if you are interested – it’s called Oracle School Insiders Group) about my beliefs, ethics, values, and where I’m coming from in all my teachings, books, blogs and oracle cards, my view on spirituality as an inherent right, why oracles can be a portal to manifest your most amazing life etc. so people aren’t confused about who they “follow”.

As much as I am clear that there will always be an evolution of ideas in my work, I feel it’s also necessary to provide a foundation, a jumping off point so people can determine if they are a fit or not. I like to know who I am learning from too, what they stand for, what they believe so I can feel like I belong or not.

I don’t however confuse the message with the messenger. I have learned so much from teachers that bug the crap out of me ( obviously my stuff.. I eventually come around) because I have kept my focus on the content and how I might be able to apply it. Principles before personalities is a valuable consideration. That said life is short and there are so many spiritual teachers, authors, writers to follow why waste time on one you don’t vibe with?

In my own exploration of all things spiritual, metaphysical and philosophical I have found immense value in the many paths that were set in motion to help us understand “ the meaning of life”, human potential and the infinite possibilities available if we keep an open mind and heart and have the courage to go beyond what’s considered mainstream and dogmatic. If you want to read the whole thing and explore our awesome tribe go here!

Back to the point of this blog, which is underlying the idea that if we see ourselves always as separate from one another competing for limited resources in a turbulent world we will always be looking for differences, for ways to denounce others and volley for power. We humans are so strange that we go against Nature to ensure our existential outlook is maintained. The lone wolf exists even when surrounded by others.

I will boil it all down to the concept of suffering and being committed to reducing it while on this planet. Being together in community, in a tribe enables a support that is essential to the whole, as well as the individual, doing no harm ( which has large connotations but for another blog) and meeting whatever challenges come up with compassion and kindness.

I know I will never get any of this perfectly because like everyone my 5 senses hypnotize me too to view the world as millions of separated parts bumping up against each other, sometimes hopelessly destructive and others in orderly synchronization. But deep down, even when I’m temporarily asleep I know another world exists in the hidden realms, a huge vast Consciousness that animates everything.

It just doesn’t always make sense and maybe that’s the point.

I think about the people in Texas and Louisiana right now going through horrific devastation from the flooding after Hurricane Harvey and I know I will do what I can, send money to animal rescue, and whatever else I can think of. In these moments I don’t have a clue who I am helping I just do it.

It’s when these horrible things happen that we get an opportunity to remember our connection and forget our differences. Would you only rescue people based on their beliefs?

I know your answer. It wouldn’t even occur to you.

We all need to matter but like the line in Game of Thrones says.. “In the storm the lone wolf perishes and the pack will survive.”
Every time disaster strikes it’s an opportunity for connection, collaboration and community.

If we would only learn.

So for this week, I wonder if we all might try an exercise of doing one kind thing a day randomly for a stranger. Just that alone is enough to remind us that we belong in a pack and not alone.

And, get into a community and participate. You will be reminded you’re not alone.

Love always

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