It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Life is a constant change, must we always change with it?

changing Life is a constant change, must we always change with it?

With the newness of the new year settling into our system, we are learning to become comfortable, not only within ourselves, but also with our environment and our social scenario. 

Everything around us is changing constantly, but of course it does not imply that we must change with it. If the change occurs as a part of our own level of consciousness, it is of course desirable, yet if it is only on the periphery or on the surface it becomes meaningless and actually a negative hindrance to our own level of self growth.

Stress can never completely disappear from our lives. We cannot just definitely say, Abra ca dabra, clap our hands, and the stress is gone. No, this is a constant, ever moving process. We cannot even say that it will disappear completely. Sometimes we need to strike a truce with it.


Many a time people face new and stressful situations, it could be in any area, whether it is the job, a relationship or the general environment. And most of the time, people are overwhelmed by their scenarios. They have little or perhaps absolutely no idea on how to deal with it. This could be a very major concern, if left unattended. We might not be able to find a way to eliminate stress completely from our lives, but we can definitely learn to adapt to a stressful situation.


Once we know that the situation we are in, is going to be there to stay on for a while, the smart and sensible thing would be, to find ways and means to adapt to this situational stress. There are simple strategies one could adopt and follow which would make life easier and more comfortable to deal with.


We can control our own attitude towards our environment if we learn how to control our wayward thinking mind. Everything in our lives is a mind game, and if we are successful in playing it well, we are winners. But controlling your thought patterns is very imperative.


Everything that is going on within us and around us and ultimately affecting our stress levels is an attitude dependent thing. It is our choice that we see the same situation as a threat or as a challenge.

Resilient people view life's problems and respond to them accordingly. They do not go into a victim mode or a self pity mentality. They feel that self growth is only happening due to their resilient and positive attitude.


People are many a time overwhelmed by their own emotions. This scares them and immobilizes them too. Having an inner level of heightened emotional awareness, can provide an answer to what needs to change in their lives.


By developing an optimistic view towards life, a person can become more resilient, it will also help in maximizing their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses.


We could even in plain words say"Laugh it off". Laughter helps us to reduce the feeling of stress. Try and see the humor in every situation around you.

People who have a keen sense of humor do not feel stressed as acutely as others. They have the adaptability to laugh off a situation.


Catch yourself when you are slipping into negative patterns of thought. Being aware is the important part of the challenge to change your thoughts. Be more mindful of your thoughts.


In the general scheme of thinking patterns,people tend to take isolated events and assume, all future events are based on the same thinking patterns.


It is easier to overgeneralize, rather than wait for results of their actions. People normally jump to negative conclusions.

These kind of people are constantly under the threat of stress as they have already predicted the negative results of their actions.

Of course i can easily say, avoid stress completely by eliminating all the stressors from your life. But this is really an unfeasible thought. There are times when we are faced with unavoidable stressors.

So in order to keep our selves going we need to just adapt ourselves to our stressors in the best way available. Happy times in dealing with life's challenges with the tips I've provided. Let this year with its newer perspective put you into a newer and happier stance.

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