It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Living a Life of Juicy Intentions

healthy-food-background-healthy-food-in-paper-bag-fruits-and-on-picture-id937808604 Living a Life of Juicy Intentions
​Last week I was seeking to connect to my life with greater intention. I also wanted to clean up the food I put in my body. After a little research I decided to focus on a three-day juice cleanse. A local market offered organic fresh pressed juice cleanses. It looked pretty easy. The bottles were labeled. The directions were included. All I had to do is drink the jewel colored juices.

I have eaten a plant based diet most of my life. With this being said, pretzels and tortilla chips are part of my diet. There is room for improvement.
I was excited to start! The idea of bright fruits and vegetables infusing my body with different colors from the sun, made me smile. Soon I would be loving my body and mind with beautiful hues of light. The juice reminded me of miracles held in bottles. This is the type of medicine I believe in.
The supply of juice was more than enough. Day one was easy. My intention was drink the juice and lots of water. Don’t eat food. That evening my husband and I were on the way to pick up our son from swim practice. At a stop sign, a homeless man held a sign up. In black ink on cardboard, HUNGRY was written. This sign, caused me to pause. I was purposely not eating food.

I was holding warm food, that I had prepared for our son to eat after practice.  Here was a person next to me asking for any food he could have. I felt uncomfortable with this awareness.  

I see homeless people every-day. The sign just added a little more awareness to our local and global issue. My thoughts stayed in that moment for a while.  

Day two, I felt clear headed and energized. I was happy with my juicy lifestyle. My intention for the day was increase my fluids, keep drinking the juice and don’t eat food. I was keeping my intentions really easy to flow with. Ease, is a key part of living an intentional life style. Make your intentions fun, and reachable. Celebrate your successes. This keeps you moving in the direction of a life that offers unlimited awareness. 
Later in the day, I pulled up to a stop light. There was a young man with bright blue eyes. He was eating someone’s left overs. His sign, was on the ground. I put my window down and asked if he wanted a Cliff Bar. Graciously he received another snack. When he stood, I could see how underweight he was. I watched him as he joyfully shared his meal with an older homeless man.  
There are many ideas of how the homeless population should be cared for. I send prayers. I sometimes have food to offer. I’m not sure what the answer is. Perhaps some of the homeless have the intention that a stranger will share kindness with them. Maybe we unknowingly help them with their intentions. 
The morning of day three came and went. My intentions stayed the same. I gave myself time to rest. I looked at this cleanse as an opportunity to slow down, let the nutrients and rest go where they are needed in my life and body. 
On the evening of day three, I hopped on a plane to Seattle. The next morning, we moved our daughter into her dorm. We found prayer flags, crystals, twinkling lights and an essential oil diffuser for her room. We also purchased books, pens and paper. I encouraged her to write down her intentions for her first day and the first year of college. 
Sometime in the past week, I noticed my son had his intentions written down on paper. He has posted then on his closet door. I also noticed my other daughter has her intention for the year posted on her wall. My heart was happy. 
As important as it is to have intentions for long term; it is just as important to have intentions for short term. Every day can be lived with intention. We should be clear about what we are inviting in our lives. Intentions can be as simple as; I am going to enjoy good company today. With focus, our thoughts light up with magic and promise.
The juice cleanse was a success. I found myself connecting to, or being more aware of many things in my day to day life. It also reminded me of the importance of respecting others’ personal intentions. Our world is made up of energy and intentions flowing all around us... We each beautifully orchestrate what we personally need. We may dip in and out of each- other’s lives. Each time sharing a gift or a smile.  That is enough. I know each person deserves the freedom and space to allow their intentions to grow.   

Channeled Message
Allowing yourself the gift to explore the world with-in you and around you, will create a moment that holds the wisdom, love and breath of oneness. Don’t be shy with your greetings, when you discover your power to open the door to Eternity. You have discovered long ago the ability to shift from one to another, from one life to another. You have the power to place your awareness in now.
Shifting energy. Hear us call you... Feel us take you to a place of love, nurturing and peace. Rest here. We help you discover your true nature; your impeccable beauty. None has ever shined so brilliantly. As we heal your bruises, and change your clothing, you are wrapped in love... Feel our absolute joy that you have discovered your place in the stars. As you gaze into the eyes of all you love... you heal. You forgive. You recognize the connection of one.  
The joy is bubbling over... This energy can-not be contained. You see with new eyes what needs to be done. You are ready to begin again. This time with new awareness. You are ready to help others. And so the story of eternity continues... We are so close to a peaceful awareness... Feel our love. Hear our stories. In gratitude we prepare you and ourselves for this journey where we are eternally intertwined in the Divine.
Together we bring ourselves into a place of awareness, love and peace.
End of Channel

​What would our world look like if we held signs asking for kindness and compassion?
Maybe we have in fact, created a world that is waiting for us to read the signs.  My intention for today is to see a world thru compassionate eyes.
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