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Marking Your Milestones with Meaning

chocolate-cupcake-picture-id506920600 THE SACRED QUALITY OF RITES OF PASSAGE

I’m writing this on the New Moon in Cancer, and I’m intimately aware that things are about to change for me. New moons are about setting intentions and this one is particularly meaningful for me as I am about to cross a threshold that stretches out across the sands of time. I am accepting an invitation to move into something unknown, new, and powerful. My intentions are clear, and so is my vulnerability.

This week I turn 60. Yes, it’s a strange number for me, but the power is in the meaning I assign to it.  It is decidedly not going to mean the same thing that our culture has conditioned me to believe. Yet it is beyond that, a sacred journey marker in time, that represents something important for me personally but also symbolically for all modern women who have lost the way to recognize their milestones as representing a sacred quality.

Have you ever felt that sense of deeper meaning as you approach an important milestone in your life? Outside of births and deaths, or religious ceremonies in western culture, we don’t make sacred the rites of passage when a girl begins to menstruate or mark the phases in our life as women as we move from maiden, priestess, queen, then crone.  How do we know what these phases mean? It’s not enough to see that there are the decades marked in fashion magazines with suggestions for how we should appear. Our milestones are those of the soul, the mystical, and markers of the maturation of experience as we travel and write the stories of our lives.


I think feeling vulnerable is an indication of a number of things. I have no idea what life will offer and ask of me next. I’ll admit I’m painfully aware that in our world turning 60 as a woman means the opposite of how I feel- that it’s a sign of being invisible, a potential burden, the loss of beauty, and value, and certainly of youth and vitality. We’re not taught to honor the wisdom of the mature and experienced as much as we value youth. Because of this stigma I’ve seen women shrink and refuse to tell their ages in fear that it will somehow minimize their potential or value in the world. Whether we like it or not this is the world we live in for now.

But that’s not the world I choose, and not the one I am contributing to.

I am marking this milestone in a way that is sacred and meaningful. It’s not about parties and presents for me although I’m grateful for my generous husband and amazing friends who want to honor my day.

I am marking this milestone as stepping into my queen years where my personal sovereignty can no longer be dictated by the outer conditions imposed upon me by a system that was created to repress my fire. I’m just beginning to rise. Like many women, I have heard the call and I am answering it. For me, everything is new and exciting but I’m coming to it all with a deeper sense of the Mystery and less attachment on what I used to think was so important.

I enter this new decade like an exotic life cake that’s now fully baked!  Now I’m responsible to share all the ingredients from what I have learned and commit to continue to learn and explore and do my tiny part to help birth a new world into being. I am marking this glorious 60th birthday as a new beginning, more empowered than ever before, yet so incredibly grateful and humble that I got to live this far considering where I came from.

So tell me how you feel about seeing your milestones through a sacred lens. How have you marked your sacred journey?

Me? I’m getting ready to bake a new life cake! I can hardly wait to see how it turns out and share it with you.

To you who read these blogs, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. There is so much more to come! Big Giant Birthday Blessings from me to all of you!

“ Anything is possible when you open your connection to the Universe


Happy Summertime!!!
A Miracle Story

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