It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Move Beyond Your Old Story & Be Free

Move Beyond Your Old Story Be Free Move Beyond Your Old Story Be Free


Dear Fabulous You,

It’s been an interesting week as for some reason we’ve been getting more and more email from people who have watched my TV show Messages from Spirit in recent weeks. So, because of the comments and outpouring of love and hope,  I’m pondering some big questions again about what I learned on the show and what people are responding to as more have been discovering it now that it went to Youtube and Amazon prime worldwide.

I remember the experience vividly like I’d been plugged into the Spirit Express. Shooting mediumship readings in front of a live studio audience OY! Talk about pressure. The biggest lesson I learned was to surrender to the process and not worry about the cameras. But that’s not what I want to talk about.

I was privileged to facilitate more than 100 readings in a short time and all of them were about love and forgiveness, redemption and an invitation and opportunity to heal.

If you care to watch it, even though I have no idea how the dead manage to communicate with us I just know that something important transpired and you can see it unfold when you watch.

It’s just what I’ve experienced intimately by being the “bridge between worlds.”  What is consistent and definite is the desire on the part of the one crossed over to free the one still here from the burden of the past.

This I know—we don’t really die, our consciousness still exists in some other dimension and when an opportunity to make contact to the living arises, the “dead” want it to count. They want to hand us a key to let us out of the jail they helped build.

But, what I’ve discovered is that not everyone wants to leave that jail. And I know we all need to if we are going to be free.

Our stories are built on our memories, and what happened to us, how our loved ones have affected us, and the legacy we inherit and then reinforce over time by our behavior and choices. Those stories, the way we interpret them and integrate them rarely includes a deep understanding of what the other person has experienced. Yet, for most of us, they begin to define us and eventually create the box in which we reside, which naturally limits our capacity to see potential beyond those walls.

Our certainty is built from our wounds as well as our strengths and assets.

What happens when someone comes back to set us free from the old stories?

It can go one way or another.

What’s been deeply rewarding is seeing the shift happen in the moment when it hits home. Everyone can see how the information and connection lights up a person’s whole being as the experience ignites a fire of forgiveness and understanding that provides that essential epiphany that can create change. The person takes the key that’s offered and the walls crumble down and we witness a miracle.

If we want to change our old stories we can. But if we want to be free we need to pay a price.

The cost? We buy our freedom by relinquishing the old story and all the beliefs and behaviors that go along with it. We have to give up our old identity. But for some people the prospect is terrifying.

It can be so difficult to face how attached we are to the story that keeps us engaged and identified with the very thing we don’t want. No one intellectually says, “Sure, pain and hatred is good! Let’s have some more of that.” There is usually some kind of emotional justification for it, and for reinforcing being misunderstood, outcast, or victim.

Who would you be without this self that tells these tales? What if it’s so foreign to you that you’d rather stick to the old story for the sake of intimate familiarity even if it’s hard and brittle and represses every ounce of authenticity you have?

I have seen it first hand – Can you forgive?

Some have actually said to me No way -Not gonna happen!

But the truth is the only way to have the life we’re meant to have—to turn fate into destiny—is to be willing to pay this price, have courage, and make this sacrifice.

That is the one true thing I have learned by connecting to “the other side.”

What do you need to give up, what old belief, what idea about yourself have you inherited, or what ancestral pattern are you still indentured to?

Can you pay this price to claim the key to your freedom?

I’d rather do it here, grab that key and open those doors even if I have no clue what’s waiting on the other side than wait until I get “over there” to make retribution and reach out for forgiveness.

In the end, we are all accountable.

It’s something to think about.

Have you identified your old belief or the idea you have about yourself that keeps you indentured to the past?  What is it? What have you done to begin the work to detach from that story? Have you seen changes in your life as a result of your work? How have you changed as the result of letting go the old story? Were you afraid to let go? Who have you become?

Although mediumship is something I am privileged to do and love it when I get to do it at events, my work changed after the show, and I kept the mediumship events just for charity fundraisers, ( last year me talking to dead people raised 14 thousand for Humane Society!) deciding instead to answer my deep calling and to focus on my passion so I could really help people change their stories through the process of working with Oracles.  

So here’s the deal .. think about this are you hanging on to an old story because you’re afraid you won’t know who you’d be without it? Ask the cards on my website for help. The universe will be the one to answer.

Ps The oracle deck to help you get a message and a hug from the Other Side is called Postcards from Spirit. Check it out here! And, if you want to make real changes and don’t know how? Check out my other decks for guidance!

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