It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Girl Power!



Power to be definitive in who we are.
Power to take control of our lives.
Power to fulfill our dreams.
Power to follow our hearts.
Power to take a chance.
Power to Become.
Power to change.
Power to lead.
Power to do.

Power to become a part of something larger than ourselves.


are not powerless, even in our darkest hour.
have the strength to take back control when it has been taken from us.
can use our voice for helping those that feel voiceless.


can make a difference.
are united in our stories.
have an opportunity to be a part of the change.

This is only some of the remarkable Power that is being a Girl, Lady, Woman, Female of this world.

I am always secretly scouring for opportunities to learn, expand, and grow. One of them is working diligently on my book. Another working on myself. And a larger one - finding ways to give back in any way that I am able to.

Power doesn't come from what we look like, how much money we have, who we associate ourselves with, or what expectations we choose/do not choose to live up to.

The real, honest, stretchy-gooey-goodness truth of our
Power lies within the secrets of our souls, residing in our spirit and expelling from our hearts.

I think that we forget this far too often, but this is where the magic of being a Girl, Lady, Woman, Female comes in.

We have the
Power to be a helping hand to those in need.
The compassion to try and understand what another human being could be feeling.
A commonality that we all face the same struggles though disguised differently.
The reality that the world sees us as weak and feeble.
The knowledge that we have a strength that lies deep inside of us.
And sometimes, we need the guidance, support, and helping hand of another Girl, Lady, Woman, Female to help us locate our inner

It lies within the fierceness of the storms of our past.
It's hidden inside the invisible walls we have built.
There - deep below the ocean of sorrow, pain, and tears. It sways along with the flow of the current of despair.

But fear not.

It can be found.

We will work together to make sure of this. You will not stand alone because we have an advantage and that is:

Girl Power!

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