Remember Life Changes Take Time


The new year has started and it’s time for a shift. Your intentions have been set and your resolutions made; you’re determined to finally make a change in your life. Making the decision is the first step – the hardest part – the wheels of change have been set in motion. Now comes the next challenge; being patient and giving yourself time.


One of the most challenging aspects of making a change in life is the time and space required for implementation. Things don’t happen overnight. All life changes take time.


After you take the first step to make a change the meantime period ensues. It’s the time between making the decision and it manifesting. During this time things may seem to move unbearably slow. It can be easy to get lost in time and turn back. This is the time when most people give up.


Life changes are a renovation process. You start a home renovation by first removing or tearing down the old stuff that no longer works with the new plans. There are pieces that need to be revised before the new pieces can be added and take shape. The same is true in life. When you disrupt the structure of your life it takes time for the changes to take shape. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”


This is one of the most important concepts to grasp if you are at the start or in the middle of a life change or a significant life shift. It will take time. There will be challenging periods along the way. It’s important to keep in mind why you made the change. Write it down in your journal, post it on your bathroom mirror, carry it with you as a note; do whatever you need to keep the challenges in perspective. Do whatever you need to keep going and not give up.


As you wait for the changes you’re implementing to take form don’t let discouraging feelings and thoughts get the best of you. Even when it seems things aren’t moving you can rest assured they are. Internal and external shifts are taking place in each and every moment.


While in the process of a life shift it’s important to incorporate some life practices to help keep you on track along the way. Here are a few to help you get started:


Include Daily Reminders

Daily remind yourself that you are rebuilding and rebuilding takes patience and time. Write it down daily or make it your daily mantra. Put encouraging reminders on your phone, tablet, computer or post-its around your home. Be mindful to have compassion for yourself. As you’re going through your internal renovation process remember to breathe, relax and enjoy the journey. Constantly encourage yourself to keep going.


Celebrate Your Accomplishments

During the meantime period celebrate your triumphs along the way. Set milestones and celebrate each time you reach one. Each time write down how amazing you are and shower yourself with praise. Remember your growth. Appreciate yourself for being willing to do the work necessary to make a change in your life.


Identify Your Triggers

Chances are there will be times when your progress halts or even goes backwards. When you backslide, don’t let your internal bully take over. Instead recommit to yourself and take some time to identify what triggered the backslide. Once you have awareness around your triggers shower them with understanding, love and forgiveness. Thank them for the ways they’ve tried to protect you and lovingly release them.


Use Visualization

Everyday take time to visualize yourself in the future with the change implemented in your life. See, taste, touch, hear, smell and feel what it will be like. Make it real in your mind. Feel the sense of pride, accomplishment and joy that will come with making the change a reality. As you make it real in your mind you increase the probability of it becoming real in your life.


You’ve made the commitment; now the hardest part is sticking to the commitment during the time it takes for it to materialize. Stay focused and don’t give up on yourself!

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