The ONE Key To Dealing With Worrying About What Others Think

pam-thomas-the-one-key-to-dealing-with-worrying-about-what-others-think-2 The ONE Key To Dealing With Worrying About What Others Think
Do you ever find yourself worrying about what other people think?

How often have you allowed that worry to stop you from doing something that you might love?

It's natural. It's actually part of being a human being and our need for connection and belonging.

Here's the truth when it comes to what others think…
We could be Mother Teresa incarnate and someone, because of their own stories or insecurities, may think or feel in a way that is judgmental or critical. We have no control over those thoughts. We truly don't.

And while we know this on a logical level it still doesn't always keep us out of that place of worry. The good news is this; we don't have to stay in that place of worry for too long.

With that said, here's a thought that I use to reduce the shelf life of worrying about what others think.

I remind myself that there's a good possibility that others aren't spending as much time thinking about me or what I'm doing as I might think they are. And that's because they're probably too busy worrying about their own stuff and what other people think of them.

BUT and this is a BIG HUGE BUT; in the event they're thinking about what we do or who we are, let's give them something really good (and I mean really good) to think about!

The best way for me to explain is to share a recent experience I had during one of the coolest astrological readings I've ever had.

During that reading, what came up was how often I spent much of my teenage and young adult life trying desperately to fit in to places that weren't me. People pleasing became my go-to because I was sure it would keep me safe from people thinking badly of me.

Ultimately, I became a square peg squished in a round hole. For those of you who can relate, you know how uncomfortable that is.

But here's the kicker of that reading. My real lesson was not about learning to fit in to stay safe and to belong.
My real lesson; learning how to embrace my uniqueness to help others do the same. To stand up for who I am and to stand out. Knowing that in doing so I attract people into my life who love me just as I am.

In essence, busting out of the rut of the status quo by being my most authentic self.

So I've spent time really getting to know and using those as my guide to creating relationships, growing and operating my business, and living my life on the terms that mesh with who I am. No more square peg in a round hole…not to mention less worry about what others think of me and what I do.

In short my friends, the real key to dealing with worrying about what others think is to be who we are in as authentic a way as possible. Owning it and sharing it with the world. For it's our own authenticity that acts as a buffer to that worry, because at the end of the day, it's hard to challenge or denigrate what's real.

But don't just take my word for it, give it a go and see what happens!

I want to invite you to take out a journal or a piece of paper and answer the following questions…
Why are you such a great person?
What are your key values?
In what way does worry about what others think serve you? (i.e., it keeps me safe, it's protects me from failing...)

And lastly, I'd love to share this awesome song from The Greatest Showman with you. Have a listen and become inspired to own your authenticity.
Welcoming Change
Too much of anything is good for nothing

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