It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Unconditional Love

unconditionallove Unconditional Love
​I struggled in high school and dropped out at age 15. At the same time. I moved out of the home I was raised in. There was no direction in my life. My inner compass was being ignored. My outer world was filled with confusion and scarcity. 

This brought me many opportunities to make horrible decisions. It also brought me the opportunity to experience Unconditional Love for the first time ever. 
At age 18, all my options appeared to be exhausted.  I had experience as a waitress. I was uneducated. I had no money; but I knew there was a better life waiting for me. 

It was my mother that showed me Yosemite National Park was seeking summer help. Three weeks later I rode the Greyhound bus to Mariposa, California. I can’t remember how I made it into Yosemite.  

My life changed overnight. Each day was filled with anticipation. My job was bussing tables. Clearing tables was not what I was living for, but it was good.
My time off was filled with hiking, rock climbing, laughing, and spending time with new friends. All of these opened up my mind to a life that included daring acts of following your dreams. It was this time in my life that I learned anything is possible. I learned life loved me unconditionally. 
Pieces of my heart that were lost during my childhood, found their way home. My inner guidance was shining bright again. I learned how to live an uncomplicated life. 
Looking back, I value this as an important part of who I am today.  I truly loved my experience in Yosemite.  The summer job extended into two years.  I continued my quest of living a life I loved.  I worked in bicycle shops. Rode my bike from California to Utah, looking for adventure. I worked for the Forest Service.  I fought forest fires.  I loved it all, except the ski resort. :-) 


​Eventually I made it to college; where I carried a little sliver of doubt. I compared myself to others. I found myself casting a shadow on one of the most magical times in my life.  At times I regretted taking time off from pursuing money or my education. I forgot my experiences prepared me to be successful in what- ever I pursued.
I now have children at a telling time in their life. They are figuring out their passions and strengths. They are learning who they are.
I want them to experience a world too big to put off for later. I hope they believe in themselves and know that where ever their dreams take them, it is exactly where they belong.
This week our middle child will be taking off for a kayak trip with her new college. She won’t return home for months. So, a new chapter is opening in our life. It is crazy, to think how long it took me to treasure how my life has unfolded. 

Last week a beautiful woman was sharing some of her concerns with me. She has lived a life with travel and adventure, some loss and much growth. She is a professional, and quite possibly has found true love for the first time. Yet, there is part of her questioning her beauty and wisdom.  I could relate to the tiny piece of doubt.
As she bravely follows her heart, things will shift into place. Her concerns will be released on the wind, and blown away. At some point she will recognize, she never needed to worry. She has been an incredibly powerful, brilliant woman all along.  
Life is not meant to be ordinary. Everyday can bring inspiration. Everyday can offer love. Everyday can bring back pieces of you, that were lost. Take risks for love. Take leaps of faith. 
We are all converging on brilliant acts of courage and faith that bring us hand in hand to the most beautiful place, our collective self.  


Channeled Message
Come share your sleepy side with me.
Bring to me the part of you that is open and available to the very love that you hold with in...
Bring to me the part of you that lives free of shame, doubt and envy. 
Recognize that we each have been guided to place where we will shine so brightly on our own..
It is this individual brightness that becomes the gift that we share...
It is time for you to rise, and shine your heart so brightly there can be no confusion as to why you are here…. Again…
This is the moment that sets us apart from all of eternity.
In this moment you finally see your - self as whole... 
You recognize the brilliance...
You are not ashamed to shine your brightest... for this lights the way for us all.
As you shift thru the outer world into the inner world, a new awareness springs forth. 
You are welcomed with the wisdom and love that has been with you...  forever.
As you settle into this new understanding of life...
There is a peace ..
A place of gratitude... 
A moment of eternal love... and so it is, and always has been... waiting to be remembered and called forth. 
End of Channel

​The word sleepy came to me in the beginning of this channel, I have used it before. It is the time our awareness is slipping from our outer world, into our inner world. 
The most important part of this writing is recognizing when you are happy, you focus on the happiness. Your life becomes uncomplicated. Life loves you unconditionally. 

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With love and compassion:


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