It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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What Does This New Year Hold For You?

selfcare What Does This New Year Hold For You?

"I Wish" is enough of a statement. As we step into a New Year, we always have mixed feelings."I want this" "I wish I could have this" "My this year's resolutions" "My this year's activities "

Each one of us comes up with our own Wish List and our own unique ideas on what the New Year holds for us. Which direction do we choose, or do we choose at all. In today's world I feel every thinking individual does like to believe that he is giving himself a chance for the better, in every which way.

Each one of us is geared towards getting the maximum from their own lives in terms of happiness and success.

According to me, I will give my readers an insight from my own personal perspective on which direction they should take, and how to go about achieving a happy and stress free life.


Most of the time, most of us allow life to take over. We think we are being in the flow, and yet all we are doing is allowing the tide of life to carry us through.

Many of us spend so much time in doing what we think we ought to do, that we don't even have time for ourselves, to do what we would love to do.

1. The freedom to pursue our passions,

2. Spend quality time with our families,

3. Be in a state of just "Being"

4. Nurture Ourselves

5. Have some "Do nothing time"

6. Feel the Bliss

7. Revitalize energies

8. Maintain a Balance

All these aspects if well taken care of, will yield a level of Joy which is incomparable. Joy is our foremost and essential quality and purpose of our existence. Every level of achievement, be it financial or emotional will only yield benefits if it leads to an intrinsic level of Joy.

I think i will elaborate a few of these required essentials for your convenience.


To be able to emote with a passion for whatever we do. Normally we allow the rules laid by society to dictate our emotional lives, even our most important relationships sometimes are colored by the dictates of society.

Try to free yourself from this bondage, and emoting within a comfortable circumference of social norms, just live it.


Having "me time" is the most important kind of time and emotional pampering you can give yourself. Doing things on a social scale, activities that stress us, is an imperative part of our lives.

We need to constantly spend time in introspection. We must gift ourselves 20 minutes every morning and 20 minutes every evening, in a disciplined fashion, like a meditative period, until it becomes an inherent part of our daily routine.

This is the only way to enrich yourself and provide yourself an opportunity for self growth.


This is also a part of your solitary activity. Use it wisely to enhance your life. Watch T. V. to relax, spend time with social media in the need for a break or a desire to connect with the world for various reasons which relax you, it is OK. But of course if you are just doing it as a habit,  then awareness in this direction is essential.


Introspection is the leading guide onto your life path. Nurturing yourself, feeding your soul, with your kind of desired inputs, is the most revitalizing thing you can do for yourself.

Stop the time button for a while. Step away from a clinical disciplinary schedule, maybe just once in a month.

Revel in the freedom of being Yourself.

Feel yourself re energizing in the free space.

Reschedule time to suit your inner emotional needs, so that you never need to feel on a downward spiral trend.


I would say maybe just two hours in the week would suffice. Try this way of emptying your mind of all the racing thoughts. I know that we all have a zillion pressures of the world's affairs  upon us.  But do try to find yourself, the luxury of this mental space.

Time to rest is so very essential. The brain of most working people is pretty much mentally fatigued with busy schedules, emergencies arising which demand time.

Introverts mostly benefit from this concept as they can regroup within their own selves. They stress unnecessarily, and the amount of necessary downtime increases. It is highly required to keep the necessary space for this downtime.


In order to increase your level of satisfaction within, the greatest favor you can do yourself, is to make time to reflect, what you will really be doing.


If you can drop a few things from your schedule which really don't matter,do it. It is important to keep a gainfully busy schedule, but then remember, leading a successful life is a tricky scenario. You need most of the things on your schedule. It is hard to decipher, which ones to discard. You need to prioritize. You owe it to yourself to be calm and fundamentally happy.


Do not go overboard in any direction. Create a clear and beautiful balance, between your inner self while remaining grounded on the surface mode.


Learn to focus towards your bliss. Enjoying life is your earthly purpose. Stress happens only when you go away from your inherent flow. Examine your thoughts, decipher your weaknesses and strengths. Don't hide from yourself.

Emerge a happier person.

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