It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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When the World Speaks Magic Happens (if you listen)


My trip to the Women’s Summit in Phoenix this weekend was one of those “oh no you didn’t universe!” list of how just when you need it Spirit tells it!

You know when everywhere you go signs pop up literally everywhere to reveal your next step? I’m sure you have had an experience (if you really sit and contemplate this) where a song comes on the radio speaking directly to the thing you’re mulling over in your mind, or a butterfly comes that you know is a sign from your Dad, or you overhear a stranger talking and you just know the subject is for you even though they have no idea they are speaking to the very thing you need to hear.

There is a name for this. It’s called a “Cledon” and it’s a phenomenon (I wrote at length about in my book Messages from Spirit) that comes from the ancient Greeks to describe an oracle delivered innocently by someone or something you overhear or see. The deliverer of the oracle is unaware of the significance of it to you personally. But if you’re tuned in, you will know the universe is speaking to you. But, are you listening?

Here’s what I mean.

I was en route to the airport and it was a beautiful day. I was early and happy as I love to get there early but as I looked outside the car window I noticed a theme of statements on the sides of trucks, billboards, bumper stickers. “ Ntitld” “Delayed” “ Anger management” “ Don’t leave home without it”. I opened my oracle card app and got 3 protection cards that basically said in a very general way “ you’re in for a bumpy ride etc.” In that moment I was not having anything remotely resembling those messages so I just shrugged and figured it will make sense later. However I made a note ( since I know about these things)

So fast forward to 6 hours later I am still at the airport surrounded by super pissed off passengers as our flight was delayed and delayed and delayed some more! I sat down beside a woman whose energy could not have been more opposite.

As my discomfort rose higher and higher in unison with my other entitled plane mates (full on empathy overload) she was giggling and laughing with a friend on the phone. She had given up her seat on an earlier flight was on mine and kept saying “ oh everything always works out we just need to go with the flow!” It was as if her voice got brighter and like a catchy ear worm I started to recite to myself the same thing and decided to be in her energy bubble instead of the stinky one my thinking was helping to grow in the room.

For the next two hours of more waiting I was feeling pretty good!
But I missed my connections to Phoenix and then after finally boarding then sitting on the tarmac for another couple hours, she somewhere else in the plane, we had to go back to the gate (for various sundry reasons too boring to say) at which time I decide I want to get off.

My travel agent books me a new flight the next morning and so the new fun begins.

I am surrounded now by extra angry people with so many important places to go and be and do in. I have to admit it was pretty seductive to also be extra special and angry etc. I overhear a woman telling her husband he needed anger management. DING. Yep back to shifting the feeling state.

Then I get off and they tell me although they took my bag off the plane (which is good news) but “we are so sorry we now can not find it”.

I am tired at this point and like a mature clear headed emotionally sophisticated grown woman I go upstairs to customer service and start to bawl like a baby blubbering about my bag.

Then 3 separate people say the word China really loudly around me.
I wonder did my bag go to China?
More seductive thoughts of horror and loss cross my monkey mind.
I am instructed to go back down where I came from.
This is the only place that it will appear. Please don’t cry.

Reciting my mantra “go with the flow, all is well” (and also fantasizing of a shopping spree to replace all my precious things in my bag), just 20 minutes later my bag is found amongst a tour groups luggage arriving from.. guess where? China!

Excellent. Now to the last minute supremely overpriced hotel I am looking forward to bath. No bath. No hot water. No shampoo.

Made gratitude list. Fell in love with clean sheets. Grateful for ice cold shower . Got to plane. Loving American Express as I did not leave home without it. Arrived just in time for my first speech.

I hear another speaker say to a woman who wants to write a memoir “write from your scar not from your open wound”. Then when I went up to my room to change I hear a women say at her door “ Don’t forget to dump the grounds!” Ding Ding Ding.

It’s so true! How many times have you or I spewed out our unresolved head chatter, anger, entitled and pissed off about this or that on Face Plant or other social media to our “friends” before we work out what’s really going on? Life happens at us sometimes, but if we are to be present to all opportunity, compassionate action takes thoughtfulness and the willingness to be with all of it.
Yep even the embarrassing sob-fest with an unsuspecting ticket agent who just wants to go home.

I have taught in some of my trainings how to separate our spewing from our epiphanies. The journal for the dumping of reactions and negative emotions and reactions is called “The Dumping Grounds”. (Spirit sure was chatty this weekend.)

Sure I wish I got this down every time something irritating happens. Love being all zen and now for all occasions but it’s not the consistent truth for me. It takes me a bit to do the work. It’s the willingness to be with all of it that counts. And no matter what putting the effort in is the key.

A lot of the speakers this weekend talked about being authentic and being willing to accept the “all” – the shadow side of life where our judgments can be healed by the willingness to be present to the parts of us we judge others for but have disowned in ourselves. We are all living the full catastrophe of life.
The conscious universe is our partner and messages are everywhere when we need a nudge to get out of a compromising negative headspace.

If we are open to listening Spirit speaks to us through others. We hear what we need to hear at just the right time. I think the question remains, if we learn to listen will we have the courage to do the next right thing?

It’s so much easier and oh so seductive to talk about what’s wrong, what made us angry or hurt etc. It really does take effort to train the mind to the freedom of being in the world but not of it. Speaking from the wisdom of the scar, is so much more powerful than working it out in front of others.

Something for all of us to think about.

I got to the airport this morning at 630 am. for a flight boarding at 815. We were delayed until 1045. I had the best time beside a nervous old lady from Ireland who started out very upset but ended up laughing and sharing my magazines and regaling me with tales from the Emerald Isle.

My oracle card was To The Sea (Wisdom of the Oracle).. so I said to her when I sat down and 20 minutes later heard the news.
“I guess we have to go with the flow… You know everything works out in the end”. She said. “Oh I so needed to hear that!”
You never know when you act as an oracle for someone else.

Love you always and forever!

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